The end of the summer doesn’t have to be a sad time. It’s actually a great time to embrace the fall / autumn fashion trends 2013. It’s the time to wear new fashion trends that are rich in colour, texture and good looks. Here are 5 trending fashion colours for fall/winter 2013 for men to get started.


There are many shades of grey and you can pick and choose according to the best shade that fits your skin tone and complements your entire outfit. Grey is an earth tone and blends well worn as a sweater over jeans to scarves to trousers. Daniel Craig wears his grey cardigan well with brown boots polished with a white shirt that accents his outfit.

Daniel Craig wearing Grey Cardigan

Mustard Yellow

Believe it or not, this colour can go from summer to autumn to winter. Winter and autumn are made alive with bright colours that highlight an outfit. For example, yellow works well over browns and greys. Think of it in small quantities acting as a complement to a whole outfit. The only difference for wearing yellow for autumn fashion trends 2013 is you wear it in smaller quantities. Think scarf, shirt, or tie.

Mustard Cardigan for men classic look


Embracing new fashion trends means accepting the changes the earth is going through. Brown is an earth tone that embraces the leaves changing and the trees going from green to brown. Men’s fashion has a lot of key items that you can wear with brown. Autumn and winter are perfect to pull out some brown boots or a brown hat to flow with the season. There are brown shades from camel to deep, rich, dark wood. Military boots are trending for men’s autumn fashion. The style is grunge and vintage all in one.

Military Boots for men brown


Orange indicated the charm of the leaves in autumn. The perfect way to complement nature is to incorporate orange into your fall wardrobe. The richer the orange hue is, the more it is in line with fall and winter. Keep in mind that orange and brown go together very well. You can mix and match.

Burnt Chinos for men and winter jackets


This colour is a blending component of everyman’s autumn and winter wardrobe. It goes well with most of the autumn colours I mentioned. It is simple and silent and never overpowering. You can also wear khaki pants with it and pair the colour using accessories like hats and sweaters. It really looks great on all skin tones.

Paisley Coats For men beige mansbag

When you’re looking for autumn fashion trends 2013, look at the changing trees and leaves for inspiration. New fashion trends emerge from the colours you see and the changes the earth is going through. Many men can wear a majority of the colours mentioned. If you find that one color is overwhelming, wear it in small quantities. You can choose a scarf, a t-shirt or a cardigan. Keep playing with the colours until you find what works for you.