Men’s Gloves – Not Only for Winter Time

Men’s Gloves – Not Only for Winter Time

leather gloves for men

Men’s Gloves

Winter is here and there is nothing worse than when your hands are freezing and lacking in some stylish loving. I want to address one of the most overlooked fashion accessories, THE GLOVE. It’s obvious on a cold winter day they generally serve the purpose of keeping those hands warm. There is no rule to say that having a fetish for leather gloves or gloves in general is bad. You may ask; why wear them at all? What’s the power of owning a good pair of gloves?

For me, wearing gloves gives an outfit an element of  sophistication. A glove can enhance your overall look and style. I like the message a man gives when he wears a glove (power, sophistication, commonsense). You can tell a lot about a person from the look of his hands. Are his hands long, slim, rugged or soft? Does he wear a ring? Is he single? Hands are very underrated body parts.

What Colour should You Go For

If your struggling with deciding on a colour, then your best bets lie with black or grey – versatile, understated, sophosticated. Colour depends how often you will use them, what/where are they for, what style you are going for. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and reach for those rich reds, oranges and blues.

The Master of Wearing Gloves With Suits

Karl Lagerfeld is an excellent example of a man who knows how to style gloves with a suit. He never goes out in public unless his hands are covered.  He always wears gloves with his suits. They are mainly black but his gloves represent him, his power, his simplicity and his sophistication.

karl largerfeld - chanel leather gloves black

 Glove Style – What To Look Out For

  • Silk Lined Leather Gloves –  100% real silk gloves feel smooth and comfortable. Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves are just as perfect a glove to own.
  • Sheepskin Lined Leather Gloves –  These are traditional men’s leather gloves and the nappa leather and lining is normally made from 100% pure sheepskin. Nice and toasty.
  • Leather Driving Gloves – Designed to improve your driving comfort. Men’s driving gloves are ideal for autumn and winter driving, shielding your hands from the changes in temperature outside in the cold air and in-car heating.
  • Wool gloves – Make sure they feel soft and are double wool lined to keep you warm. Materials from Scotland are the way forward.

black leather gloves for men

Stick them in your top pocket, so you don’t lose them. Practical and stylish.

woolen gloves for 2012

Wool gloves are versatile in warmth and style.

Usher Driving Gloves - leather brown

Usher donning his pair of gloves.

men's black leather gloves

Leather gloves will give your suit an expensive look.

brown leather gloves

Make sure they fit your hands well.

studded leather gloves for men

Get your hands into the studded leather glove, it could be the start of a new image for you.

red, orange, brown or black leather - men's gloves

Red,orange, black or brown the choice is yours.

men's- motorbike leather gloves

Don’t neglect your hands when it comes to winter.

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