Motorbike Fashion – Do Men Think Women Are Attracted By Motorbikes?

Motorbike Fashion – Do Men Think Women Are Attracted By Motorbikes?

Motorbike Fashion

Whilst in Barcelona, every-time I hear a motorbike I hope in anticipation that the man on the bike rides in style.

Do men think women are attracted by motorcycles?

I’m asking this for several reasons. I’m wondering if the average woman finds them to be a turn on, and I’m wondering if men think they are. I just looked at some male profiles on a dating site, and so many of the men write that they have motorcycles. In their photo album, there are usually 3 photos…the man, his kid or his dog, and his motorcycle. (Well, there was that one guy who had shots of his tattoos in the second slot.)

Are these guys posting pics of their bikes because they think it will attract women, or is it just because they identify themselves so strongly with their motorcycles? And do women consider owning a motorcycle to be a plus in a man?

The Answer

I found the following answer from the website

From the main poster to the former marine who kick boxes. What does it really matter? Riding is a form of comfortability and expression of who someone is. If someone identifies themselves as a rider of a motorcycle then that is just what it is. Just like women ask for a man that is genuine and kind-hearted (usually women will say this either because hey have dealt with an *******,or it is a turn on). However, have you taken a look at all these people that have a negative outlook on riders? Maybe these guys think it’s turn on to find a woman that will ride with them! Or maybe it is a forewarning to those who have such a negative outlook on riders that they will not give up the thing they love.

People think too damn much, they want everyone to accept them for who they are, but are unwilling to do the same in return. People ride for the same reason people **********, it makes them feel good, free, and excited. Take it for what it is, and roll with it. Live free, ride fast, and screw what society tells you what’s right.

Fashion Perspective

For me, the bikes I am seeing over the last year are truly amazing and the men take so much time, pride and passion for riding them around. Sadly they are just neglecting one thing. When riding the outfit you need to wear updated gear that reflects your personality. The leather jacket is such a statement of power and image. Most women adore the power a man displays when riding the bike. But one thing we are not loving is if the boots are trashed, the jacket is dated and the leather trousers have truly seen better days.

We are wanting to inspire you to think about and pay attention that most women love a man who takes care in what he looks like on his bike.  A man who knows what it means to RIDE IN STYLE.


He rocks in that jacket


Loving the boots, loving the style


Embrace the stud leather jacket this winter for your motorbike image


Great bike it’s nothing without the rider


Emporio Armani, 2012, the weight and thickness of this jacket can only be worn while riding a motorbike


Got the bike, make sure you ride in style

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