Male Models – Muscles & The Modern Gladiator

Male Models – Muscles & The Modern Gladiator


Male Models – I Need Muscles

Big, small, large, lean … the human male body comes in a lot of different sizes. The average man has an average body without the visible six or eight pack or even a killer chest  to welcome you. The average man tends to grow a belly after his 25th birthday (some social groups, like University students and white trash kids, nurture their growing tummy already years before). The average man has a body that is rather boring to look at …. More a beached Moby Dick than a hunky Baywatch. Yes, I am gay … but this article is not going to be like a bad soft porn script.

Four years ago I decided, next to being a fashion photographer, I would also guide young models into the fashion scene. First my focus was on both departments : female and male models …. but after a while the critic that most girls have too much hips, tits, belly etc. got into my system the wrong way. Size zero is rather skinny and some girls lose that special glow when they get too thin. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that some female models just digest a diet coke and an apple as main meal for the day. Not a lot to burn or glow on.

What It Takes In Becoming a Male Model

In 2012 I went all male in my guidance ( Male models don’t have to lose weight to fit in the sample sizes (remember the average European woman has at least a size 40/42 … a female model has to fit in size 34). Male models just have two simple options to make : if they have a high fashion edgy/sharp editorial look, they have to stay boyish or lean. Most alternative looking male models don’t have any problem with that : they are already skinny as hell. If it isn’t by their genetic material it is because of cigarettes / drugs or just a lack of healthy appetite. Their body looks pre-mature and the fashion industry welcomes them as the next best thing.

The Benefits Of Working Out

The other choice (the side I am writing this article about) means : you’d better work ! Hit the gym and don’t come back before every girl and gay man wants to have ‘sex with you’. A commercial male model has to blow people/casting directors away with a killer physique : a chest smooth and strong as a well designed Lamborghini and a six pack that looks like you have six delicious (low fat) loaves of bread in your oven. Commercial Fashion models should fit in an European size 48/50. Their editorial ‘little’ brothers should fit in a size 46/48. Of course you’ll also see models that hardly fit in a size 50, but even go beyond size 52 …. these models will only do artistic nude/ underwear & swimwear. They are just too big to fit in the samples sizes.

Most male models that do an intake with a model agency have the idea if they go for the ‘commercial’ section that their body is already to die for (after a few times hitting the gym). Most of those models still drink too much alcohol to have the best body they can or could have. Alcohol shows on your tummy, my dear readers …. it does. Being a male commercial model means a lot of work … also a lot of spending your personal time in gym.

Can you go crazy and just buff up like a gorilla, take some short cuts and go for the supporting drugs (like f.e. anabolic steroids ) ? No, the athletic look is the essential look for a commercial male model.  Showing your veins and muscles without bursting like his greenness, the Hulk, out of your clothes. A bull-like neck is also not done in the fashion-industry.

A Perfect Six Pack

By the way a perfect six pack has a little to do with the perfect work-out. It has all to do with the DNA-material your parents gave you. For some their genetic material will be a gift, for some it will be a curse. So if you see a model with a six pack that looks like an immersion blender has been used to create their tummy …. feel sorry for him …. because the perfect six pack will be forever out of his reach.

So in short, as a little summary, if you want to be a male model and your look tends to go for the commercial side (no, it’s not the darker side) ; you need to hit the gym ; you need to mind your alcohol and you even need to control the amount of food that you eat.

A male model with a killer body deserves our respect. A modern gladiator, working the fashion arena to entertain us.






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