Office Attire – Why Smart-Casual Wear Is The Way To Go

Office Attire – Why Smart-Casual Wear Is The Way To Go

In today’s society, not all office workplaces have a formal dress code anymore. Instead, some offices have more relaxed clothing guidelines and opt for smart casual attire. However, even though there are some workspaces with more laid-back guidelines, this doesn’t mean that you can just wear anything you want to the office. When you are choosing the perfect job interview outfit then, of course, your attire is going to be rather formal. However, once you start your office job, the clothing guidelines might be a little more relaxed.

Office Attire - Why Smart-Casual Wear Is The WayTo Go

Understanding smart casual office wear

In an office environment, some useful ways for boosting employee satisfaction in the workplace include offering them comfortable seating and the right office desks. As well as this, relaxing work attire can also help improve their work satisfaction and make them feel more relaxed and comfortable in their job. Recent research has found that 80% of Millennials no longer wish to work in a traditional 9-5 office as many want to work for themselves, go freelance, and prefer flexible working. This can also mean that this generation is also less likely to want a job where formal attire is a strict requirement.

Therefore, jobs that have more smart-casual options might be more desirable to many people.

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Although many of us may want more laid-back work wear guidelines, it is actually all down to what the employer decides or down to the type of job that you have. For example, if you work as a lawyer, then smart casual wear is not the most practical style you can go for. Formal attire for men usually includes a black or blue suit, a tie, collared shirt, and formal shoes. However, with smart casual wear, there are so many more options than you can go with.

Office Attire - Why Smart-Casual Wear Is The WayTo Go

Style up your shirts

  • For dressing in smart casual wear, it is still best that you wear a smart shirt rather than a t-shirt. However, you don’t just have to stick with a plain white one – why not style it up a bit? There are many stylish shirts available in trendy patterns and colours that still look suitable for an office workplace. Just make sure that the pattern or colour isn’t too ‘out there’ as you still need to dress to impress any clients that might come into the office.


Try out different jackets

  • Rather than wearing a smart suit jacket, you can still easily achieve a smart casual look with blazers, jackets, or cardigans too. Paired with a smart top and shoes, you can adopt a more relaxed style for the office while still looking quite professional. Again, just like with all workwear, it’s probably best to stick to appropriate styles as a ripped look or bold colours still might not be suitable attire.

Office Attire - Why Smart-Casual Wear Is The WayTo Go

You don’t just have to wear jeans

  • If office guidelines are for smart casual wear, then some employers will allow you to wear jeans rather than suit trousers. However, jeans are not the only casual option out there. Chinos or cords are still some other stylish casual items that you can wear to the office. If those aren’t available to wear, then perhaps stick with jeans as items like tracksuit bottoms will be a little too casual.


Really consider which shoes will look best

  • Smart casual wear doesn’t mean that you can just wear any shoes that you like. For example, sandals and some styles of trainers are not really suitable attire for an office environment. Take some time to consider some other smart-casual options that you could wear such as ankle boots, brogues, or even smart Converse could work. These types of shoes can look casual with jeans and a cardigan but will look smart paired with a smart work shirt. Protection Status

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