Olivier Giroud – Breaking Barriers Between Straight and Gay Men

Olivier Giroud – Breaking Barriers Between Straight and Gay Men

Olivier Giroud posing in a dedicated Gay magazine Tetu

Olivier Giroud

For me, Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud, a lover of women, earnt my respect last year when he posed in French gay magazine Tetu. Why because it’s style icons like this we need more and more. Straight men like this can influence that stereotypical mindset that I keep encountering with the straight man. Some people still seem to think that being too fashion conscious is seen as being gay. Where has it all gone wrong that a straight man identifies his sexuality with being stylish and fashionable?

Olivier Giroud on the Cover of French Gay magazine Tetu

Your Sexuality Should Not Be Associated With Fashion

Tom Ford says gay men make better designers because they can “detach the physical from the spiritual. I adore this article because he explains the reasons why he and other gay men are such amazing designers. He never mentions that being gay means you own the men’s fashion industry, he does not mention that men walking down the street in a pink suit means you’re a lover of men. I come from an Italian background and I can tell you. Yes that many a straight man walk in pink, purple and yellow and are a huge lover of expressing their creative soul. In fact, ask a Mediterranean his thoughts about fashion being associated with you as a gay man. In response you’ll bee greeted with a puzzled look, that will leave you feeling stone cold stupid.

A staff writer from pinknews.co.uk talks about, Colin Firth who won the best actor award for his portrayal of a gay man. Now Tom Ford explains this perfectly by saying. “It’s really a film about love and isolation that I think all of us feel, so it is very universal. “When I see someone who sees the film and says, ‘It’s a gay story,’ I don’t even know what they are thinking, it just seems to me a human story.”

So I too encourage the straight man to start thinking about how he looks, what he feels confident to dress in as a clear expression of what he is as a man at that given moment. For me its damn right ridiculous let alone embarrassing now when a straight man associates men’s fashion as being gay. I promise you the next straight man that asks me to style him personally and then comments that it looks gay. I will personally get him in a headlock and tweet it to the whole world watching.

Olivier Giroud strips down for a charity calendar

Olivier Giroud strips down for a charity calendar

Olivier Giroud Fashionable Conscious and Straight

Now back to Olivier Giroud before posing for Tetu he was voted sexiest footballer in France. Here are some of his quotes when asked why he posed for gay magazine Tetu: “I have no taboos.” “I would be delighted if my ­gesture can help change the mentality of some people ­involved in football.” “I don’t see any difference between a gay person and a straight one. Tetu is a ­magazine just like any other.”

It’s clear Giroud is a lover of black leather jackets and scarves. He is the typical clean-cut footballer. The combination of leather with scarves is a nice soft look and one that can be adopted by all. The hairstyle leaves nothing out of place.

Rainbow Laces

Giroud teamed up with his Arsenal teammates to support the rainbow laces campaign to kick out homophobia out of football. Watch this video clip.

Olivier Giroud posing in a French Gay magazine Tetu

Olivier Giroud Striker for Arsenal

Olivier Giroud Striker for Arsenal wearing swimwear

Olivier Giroud Striker for Arsenal wearing leather jacket

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