Gilet For Men – The Perfect Layering Piece

Gilet For Men – The Perfect Layering Piece

Coming from an Italian background a Gilet is arguably the perfect layering piece. In Italy they are worn all throughout  the colder months. Now these days they seem to have focused on a lightly padded, down-filled versions. This is great because you are able to slip seamlessly between a shirt and blazer. Or alternatively you can use a gilet over the top of a jacket/knit for extra insulation. For me it’s good to see they have dropped the puffa styles that are too bulky to wear as a middle layer and resulting you looking like Buzz Lightyear.

How a Gilet Should Fit

Your gilet should fit similar to a waistcoat: cut slim through the body with high armholes to ensure your silhouette remains streamlined and sharp. PRIMARK do stand-out ultra light down gilets at an extremely affordable price point. It can be your first port of call, especially if you’re still undecided on the style. Massimo Dutti, Timberland and ZARA are offering a strong range of tailored styles this season. They are paying attention to the finer details like the breast pocket as a perfect opportunity to introduce a pocket square. These brands have a lot of choice as well.

Your Gilet Colour

Neutral versions will slot seamlessly into any of your current go-to looks, why not consider a bold coloured design? Orange or red is a great pick me up colour during the colder months. When opting for bolder colours, it will add a statement to your tailoring on the way to work. If you don’t want to many blokes noticing you. It can be easily neutralised by layering a jacket or blazer over the top of it.

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