Modern men tend to become lazy and become spoiled by the comfortable lives they have. They stop worrying about themselves and don’t become better at anything, but to feel like a real man with the confidence you need to work on yourself.

Luckily, even during this Covid-19 pandemic, there’s an easy way to do this – learn online. Online learning is very convenient as it allows you to learn from different mediums and at your own pace. At the same time, you can learn where you want whenever you want.

But where to start? Here are some of our suggestions about what you can learn to become a more successful man.

Learn Erotic Massage

Being good in bed is one of the staples of an alpha male. Getting erotic massage training lessons isn’t only about the sexual act itself. These skills can help you become better at foreplay, learn how to touch in a more meaningful way, and keep your partner in a good mood.

Tantric massage is one of the best forms of erotic massage. At the same time, it has profound physical and mental benefits. There’s also a Yoni massage, Nuru, Lingam massage. Each of them has its own differences, but they are all infused with sexuality.

erotic massage

Become a Musician

Being a musician is a wonderful thing. It lets you showcase your creativity and develop your mind. At the same time, everyone likes musicians. It’s a special group of people that attracts people. Who knows, you might grow this hobby into a full-blown career.

And even if not, music is an excellent way to help pass the time and entertain yourself and others. Consider learning how to play the piano, guitar, drums, clarinet, drums, or any other instrument that seems fun.

playing the piano

Show off your skills when you have started learning online piano skills.

Improve Your Style

Just because we are men doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have style. After all, it’s the 21st century, and there is nothing wrong with taking care of how you look. You can still be a rugged man and have style – the two don’t have to exclude each other.

Fix your haircut, grow a beard, style your beard, find clothing you like, and so on. There are many different ways you can adjust the way you look. Consider investing in a watch, combine different colours, and make sure to get great shoes.

Work on Your Body

Even though most women won’t admit it, the male physique is very important. Women love men who work on their bodies and showcase strength. It’s a natural reflex that’s been around for a long time, but at the same time, when you work out, you’ll also start to feel better mentally.

men exercise dumbbell

Training can help you let out all the frustrations, deal with stress, and overall feel more relaxed. At the same time, there’s something “natural” about lifting weights – life becomes simpler, and you see things more clearly.

When you work out, you‘ll get more confidence and feel like you can achieve anything you want. At the same time, it’s healthy for your body. Luckily there are thousands of training resources you can find online.

Learn How to Take Responsibility

Virtuous and strong men know how to take responsibility. When you are responsible and mean what you say, you can protect people around you and be their shoulder to lean on. There are many psychologists, teachers, and guides for men you can find online to help you be responsible.

It’s all about admitting when you’ve made mistakes and learning not to repeat them. On the other hand, you need to turn your mindset into a problem-solver. In other words, complaining doesn’t help you with anything – it just postpones your problems and makes you annoying.


No guy is born with everything he needs. If you believe this, then you’re delusional. Luckily, we can all work on ourselves to preserve our mental health, improve relationships, and make career progress.

Stop having a defeatist mentality and do something with your life. With the modern opportunities the internet gives us, it’s a shame not to. Good luck, and we hope you achieve your goals!