Kids grow so fast — you have already noticed that. It seems you have recently been glad to watch the first steps of your baby, and now your toddler is refusing literally anything you suggest doing. If you have already faced the difficulty of the negativism crisis, you might have experienced difficulties with dressing your toddler.

This period is a necessary stage of the formation of your child’s personality. To be concise, your kid is checking where the boundaries are through insisting on one’s own opinion that is always opposite to yours. You have acquired cute baby girl clothes for your daughter, and she refuses to put them on without a drama. Do not push your little one — it is better to try the below tips that will help you cope with this period easier.

Come Up With a Game for Dressing

“Who will be the first one to run to the door? Who will be the first one to put on clothes and get ready for a stroll?” A game you can choose depends on the preferences of your kid and the favorite pastimes. Be creative, and you will find an effective approach. Of course, it is not a magic pill. However, a new game will interest a toddler for at least several days.

Distract Your Kid With Something

Do not treat the process of dressing like such a big deal. Find an activity that will captivate your baby and dress your little stubborn toddler quickly. You may buy a couple of new books for this purpose or simply stand with your child near the window and count birds outside (of course, if it is safe).

Overcoming the Crisis of Negativism: Dressing Your Toddler Without a Drama

Provide Your Little One With a Choice

One of the most crucial aspects of the negativism crisis is the desire of your baby to be independent. Thus, provide your little one with this possibility. Preselect several outfits that are suitable for the weather and let your little one make a final decision. Besides, you will also find out a favourite colour, style, and print. This will facilitate the process of choosing clothes in the future.

Involve Your Baby in the Selection of Outfits

Thanks to online shopping, you do not need to run after your baby in the mall asking to behave well in a store. Find the moment when your child is calm and in a good mood and ask which of the outfits look better. Of course, you will also have to preselect the options to choose from.

Crisis Is Temporary

It seems that the negativism period is unbearable, and you won’t be able to handle it. However, believe it or not, it will be over quite soon. The most crucial for parents is not to get carried away. Stay calm and confident, and your baby will feel this. Only in this way, you will show your little one that you are a reliable wall behind which your baby can always hide.