How to make your dating profile really catchy? In general, it is always recommended to write something personal. Because, in this case, it is guaranteed your lady has never seen it before. 

However, we know how it sometimes happens. It’s okay if you just can’t think of anything cool and captivating enough – you are not a professional writer. In that event, it makes sense to write a text consisting of copy & paste and completely self-written parts. For example, simply taking some ideas from this article and adding a bit of your personality success is guaranteed. You can hardly find a better place for inspiration since the suggestions were developed with meet-your-love staff. Still, using their knowledge, you shouldn’t forget the copied text fits your sense of humor and personality.  

#1. Check out the last guy from your partner suggestions list.

Now back to me, back to the guy, back to me. Unfortunately, he’s not cool enough to be me. But if he had a better self-description and prettier photos, he could be a little closer.

Look down and up again! Where are you now? The location doesn’t matter, dear! Because you’re reading a profile of the man of your dreams. Everything is possible if you write to me. 

#2. ATTENTION ladies!

I am the first prototype in a new series of male cyborgs-companions known as the Good Guy.

This futuristic new release finds the perfect balance between previous models Nice Guy and Bad Boy, which every woman longs for. The exclusive satisfaction guarantee feature will ensure you unforgettable nights. Contact me right now and be the first to test the man of the future!

#3. Would you rather watch your parents have sex every day for the rest of your life or have the most boring job ever and never have to see it again? Write to me for more horrible jokes. 

#4. I belong to the type of man you can take home and introduce me to your mom. She’ll think aw, he’s well-mannered and charming … and kind.

Do you know what you will be thinking at that moment? You will want to kiss me – so hot and handsome I am. But enough of fantasies, do you mind us meeting and seeing what happens? 

#5. I always keep a loaded gun near my bed. That I can shoot myself in case of a robber, so I don’t have to meet new people. If you are as introverted as I am – let me know. 

#6. I asked my yoga teacher if she could teach me the splits. She asked, “How flexible are you?” I said, “except for Tuesdays – it’s always fine.” Let me know if I should keep a few more free days on the week for our dates. 

#7. Raisin chip cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the reason why I have trust problems in life. But I’m sure you can help me to resolve them all. 

#8. Married, four kids, looking for an affair. Wait, just kidding! Single, three virtual pets, looking for a serious relationship. What about you? 

#9. Being happy for me is laughing so hard that no more sound comes. And you just sit there clapping your hands like a retarded seal. Do you think so too? 

#10. Part-time stripper, part-time businessman. Do you have a many-sided personality, either?

#11. I’ve run a marathon in LA, operated billionaires’ money, ate a scorpion in Vietnam… because, well, I love trying new things! (But please don’t tell me to do anything from this list ever again.)

Do you think you can keep up with me? Or, you can just send me a message, and we’ll find out!