For some people, the idea of quiet birthday spent at home might sound quite wonderful but for others, it’s probably the last place they’d want to be when celebrating another year ticked off the calendar. Unfortunately, however, whilst bars and restaurants are tentatively opening up across the country, it’s still unsafe out there for many of us and that means some of your friends might be forced to spend their 2020 birthdays at home. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun!

So, how can you help your friends celebrate their birthdays in style during lockdown?

Virtual Pub Crawl

There is no birthday activity quite as highly regarded as the classic pub crawl, so why not make every room in your house a different destination with a different drink? It might require a little creativity and you’ll need to make sure your WiFi is strong enough in every room but it’ll more than worth the effort. You could even hold a virtual pub quiz at the mid-way point of the crawl to keep everyone’s minds focused!

Personalised Cards

Whilst birthday cards might be seen as a little old fashioned in certain circles, there are plenty of online manufacturers offering services that allow you to create your own personalised cards. Birthday cards can really make the difference, especially if you find that perfect one for your friend. Thankfully there’s a lot of choice through services such as Card Factory that will help make your friends day even more special.

Curate A Party Playlist

Virtual house parties have become such a big thing that entire apps have been built around them. But what good is a house party with a perfect playlist? Spend some time putting together the perfect aural route map for the evening, focusing on the songs you know your friends love and the ones you know will get them moving.

Virtual Gaming

More of us are confirmed gamers than ever before now and there are many games that can be enjoyed in tandem with a virtual meeting. The Jackbox games, for example, can be streamed easily via Zoom or Microsoft Teams and can be played by anyone with a smartphone. We also recommend the maddeningly brilliant “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.” As far as that one is concerned – the less you know going in, the better!

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A Celebrity Message

Finally, as long as you’re willing to shell out the big(ish) bucks, the Cameo app features orange of celebrities ranging from reality TV stars and athletes to comedians and music stars, all of whom will send a personal video message to your friend, for a price. That price varies depending on how well-known the celebrity is though, so hopefully, their tastes are a little more obscure than mainstream. A certified way to make their birthday truly special.