PennyBoard – An Honest Review

PennyBoard – An Honest Review

Penny have taken the world by storm in the last few years. With endorsement from some of YouTube’s biggest stars such as Casey Neistat and Ben Brown, Penny Boards are now a household name in the world of YouTube and people of all ages. Last week, I got my hands on Penny’s 27 inch Jammin’ board and I’m going to give you my honest thoughts on it.


The Jammin’ fade pattern board usually retails for 119.99 (Now at 89.99) which is the higher price point if you compare it to other penny-style boards. The real question here is; Should you pay more for a legitimate Penny board, or should you just go and buy a knock off?

I’ll start of by saying that the Jammin’ fade pattern was not my first choice. It wasn’t even my 4th choice! As I went through the shop scanning for the board I wanted, they were all sold out! It was very frustrating as I ended up with a board that I didn’t desperately want.

I spent a few days skating it around the town of different ground types and at different times during the day. This allowed me to ride it when no-one was around, but also when I had to weave in and out of people in the street. A good test for agility.


Technical Details

Wheels and Bearings

Red 59mm 83A wheels complement the colours of your Painted Fades board. Made from Penny’s high quality, chip-resistant formula, these wheels last and last, and give you a sweet, smooth ride.


Faded colour powder coated trucks blend into the Painted Fades board design, so your board fades from top to bottom. The high-quality aluminium construction of Penny trucks keeps your ride light, strong, and ready to carve.


The 27″ Jammin features black high tensile bolts to complement your deck colours and red wheels.

How It Rides – Verdict

I think it’s important to note that this board doesn’t work like a long board, nor a skateboard. It has almost made a class for itself. I would say its right in the middle of the two.

For the most part, I was able to skate on any terrain and running your wheels over little stones never tripped me up or caused any problem (extremely helpful). Something I will mention is that skating on a slope is where the board struggles. I’m not talking about going up or downhill, but when the road is sloping to the left or right. It’s an odd feeling but the board slides to the side and causes you to feel like you’re about to fall off. When you’re going pretty fast, this is a worry.

I also took the board out during the rain and immediately regretted it. I couldn’t keep my feet from slipping off with every tiny movement! The blame for this could certainly be placed on myself as I haven’t purchased the grip tape to go with the board.

Riding the Penny Board is just like riding a skateboard/longboard blend. I don’t need to explain much more than that.



As I mentioned earlier, the Jammin’ pattern wasn’t my first choice at all. As time went on, I really started regretting choosing this pattern. This was just a personal thing. There is no doubt it looks pretty cool, but it just wasn’t for me.

In light of this, I decided to take things into my own hands and re-colour the board. I took some black plastic spray paint and did my thing. By placing tape in strategic places, I was able to create a pattern on the board while modifying the whole theme.


Let me introduce you to the Black Rasta (That’s what I named it). I think the black board with the red wheels just looks so nice! Not to mention the rasta underside and red ‘P’.


Needless to say, I was extremely happy with this change.

I now skate with the penny board everyday and am now even taking it abroad with me to skate around the huge airport in Houston!


So… Should you buy a legitimate Penny or a knock-off?

There is no question. Buy a real Penny.

Why? Well, it’s in the hardware, the materials and the quality. Each piece of the board is made to create  smooth ride today, tomorrow, next week and next year! A real Penny will last. Buying an illegitimate board will just result in something breaking prematurely and you’ll be left board-less.

It’s worth the money if you value longevity of use. Plus you can also change the colour if you want to!

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