Why buy from an expensive store if you can get a loose diamond at a cheaper price. Buying wholesale loose diamonds in Dallas has been open for retail buyers, traders, and direct customers. Due to the demand and changing trading ways loose diamond dealers are now catering to individuals who want to buy loose diamonds for their jewelry. Here is a perfect guide to buy loose diamonds in Dallas.

What Are Loose Diamonds?

Loose diamonds are the ones without any settings or not mounted to any jewelry. It means they are sold as-is. But some sell them polished and cut already.

Are Loose Diamonds Cheaper?

Yes they are, that’s why buying them can save you a lot of money and still be able to get the highest quality you desire for your jewelry. Plus you opting for loose diamonds can allow you to check the quality of your diamond thoroughly since they are not yet mounted to any metals.

What is The Cheapest Way To Buy A Loose Diamond?

Buying loose diamonds should come with a guide so you can be able to pick the best one you can see:

Check on the 4cs

Diamonds whether loose or not should be evaluated using the 4cs to know the quality of the diamond you are buying.

  • Diamond Color

In choosing a diamond the colorless the better, however, colorless ones can be expensive and rare. So settling for grade F to I can be an ideal color and good enough to replace colorless diamonds. As long as your diamonds don’t show too much yellow shade then it will be good enough.

  • Diamond Clarity

Clarity is important for diamonds since this can affect the durability and brilliance of the diamond. Diamonds without inclusions will be the best choice but they are expensive and rare. VS1 to SI1 clarity grades diamonds are ideal enough to get a good quality diamond.

  • Diamond-Cut

Getting loose diamonds can be better when you want an excellent cut plus finding someone expert in cutting diamonds will be best. A diamond that has an excellent cut can be more durable and last longer.

  • Diamond Carat

Diamonds are priced per carat. That’s why they are expensive since the more carats you plan to buy the higher the price. Getting loose diamonds can be better since you can get a bigger carat size without spending too much.

What are the Advantages of Buying Loose Diamonds?

Better Diamond Quality

Buying loose diamonds can allow you to check on the properties since they are bare. This means you can check all sides of the diamond, unlike when they are already mounted in a setting where some or half of the diamond is already covered. This can be helpful just in case you want to re-set your diamond and that’s the only time you can see its true properties. With loose diamonds, you can get a certificate that is 100% legit since all corners of the diamond are evaluated.

Fits Your Budget

Buying diamonds that are already mounted comes with a high price since they are already put in a setting every cost of each is already included. Unlike when buying loose diamonds where you can get the diamond individually and the price is far more affordable than in retail stores

Better Design Setting

Getting loose diamonds can make it more flexible for you to choose the best settings you have in mind for your jewelry. For instance, getting an engagement ring making it as unique as you can or more personalized can be more impressive.

You Can get your Money’s Worth

Saving almost 50% from opting to buy loose diamonds can be a good way to get better quality diamonds and you know you really got what you paid for. Diamonds are never cheap so buying one should be worth the price.

Consider the perfect guide to buy loose diamonds in Dallas before getting help to save money as well as time in looking for the right place to buy your loose diamond. One more important thing in buying loose diamonds is choosing the correct diamond seller. Choose someone you can trust and who can be able to give a certificate for tour diamond purchase. In Dallas alone, there are several sellers you can choose from, choose wisely, and use your resources to pick the best among them.