Whilst staying at The Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers I decided to dine at the Pierside Bar & Restaurant which is part of the hotel. With a view if Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island as a backdrop the setting was a lovely way to stimulate my appetite. Whilst the level of Chinese cookery is high in Hong Kong I was surprised to be greeted by an Australian menu. I was born in Australia and was keen to experience Australian dishes here in Hong Kong.

Semi Buffet Lunch Menu

The Chef has pared down the menu options showcasing the very best in representing Australian dishes. From beef dish to lamb chops or halibut fish the options were more than enticing. His passion and dedication in spending many years in Australia was reflected in the menu by the Chef honouring age defining recipes I was very familiar with. Despite being a casual, no reservations restaurant with contemporary placemats, its living proof that the definition of great dining is no longer rigid and thank goodness for that.

The disappearance of stilted, formal service can only be welcomed with open arms it’s a changing of the tides, where serious gastronomy is no longer synonymous with strict rules of behaviour.

Unless your staying at the hotel, Pierside Bar & Restaurant is not the kind of restaurant you stumble across, but make purposeful strides toward, despite it being tucked away in the hotel, you’ll find a peaceful shrine to the art of Australian cuisine.

Presentation and Taste

From across the handsome counter, the semi open kitchen offers culinary theatrics, and the drinks flow freely. The food is presented on beautiful handcrafted crockery. These rustic looking dishes tastes as good as they look. I also appreciated that this is the kind of place where diners and families can feel comfortable ordering a beer as they would a glass of the finest red wine. My children loved eating here and ate the food with ease and comfort.

What I loved was the great food that came from the humble dedication of the Horace Chim, the chef who is always in the kitchen. He is not the type to simply splash his name on the menu and reap the rewards. The menu is as exciting and accomplished as Hong Kong itself.

Desserts Spring Forest

Horace had created a signature dessert that was the architectural wonder of the sweetest kind. With delicately spun sugar and curiosities, such as a beetles fashioned out of chocolate and marshmallows, it looked amazing. His dedication to working with seasonal fruits results in a desserts that are thrilling as they are ephemeral. As I filmed and took photo’s of the Spring Forest, it was an instagram feed moment on which I would likely to place a tearful emoji of pure joy. Lamenting in what I would say was one of the best hotel desserts experiences I’ve had in a very long time. My children were literally screaming, like kids at a fun park.

Passion creativity and precision makes for the best pastry chefs and the Pierside has proven that it is the place to go for when it comes to innovative dessert experiences and ideas.


Hong Kong offers a wealth of eating choices, but on this occasion I would highly recommend dining with family and friends at Pierside Bar & Restaurant. The Australian flair menu and the amazing desserts offer something different in the Hong Kong restaurant scene.