Planning a winter staycation? It can be a great feeling escaping your daily life for a holiday during winter and the UK can be very beautiful at this time of the year. Many will be looking to get away this winter for the holidays after Christmas 2020, so read on for a few tips for planning your trip that should help.

Choose a Destination Carefully

When picking a destination, you will want to go somewhere that knows how to do Christmas properly. There are a handful of places around the UK that come to life over the holidays and have Christmas markets and other events to enjoy. A few of the best places include Edinburgh, Nottingham, Bristol, Manchester and York. These are all places that will have plenty to keep you entertained over the holidays.


In terms of travel, you could catch the train but this could be harder to plan and many are still avoiding public transport which is understandable. Going by car can be cheaper, easier, safer and more convenient as you can drive directly to your accommodation. Driving in winter can be stressful and dangerous, though, so you need to check your car over before setting off, including checking the tyres and replacing these if damaged or the tread depth is low. A few tips for driving in winter include:

  • Keeping your distance
  • Know stopping distances
  • Take your time
  • Plan your route in advance


Accommodation will have a huge bearing on your trip as you are likely to spend more time here on a winter holiday than a summer one. Hotels are one option, but many will prefer to stay in an Air BnB or serviced apartment, especially for families. This can give you a base and home from home so that you can relax and unwind when you are not out exploring your destination. You can also find festive holiday accommodation with welcome packs, decorations and Christmas trees for a festive feel although these are likely to cost more.


It is important that you consider your costs throughout the planning process, especially because costs can increase around the festive period. To make savings on your staycation, you should book early, shop around to find the best rates and deals and look for free/cheaper activities in the area. You should also check the cancellation policy, particularly with COVID and other illnesses being an issue this winter.

Hopefully, this post will help you to plan a special winter getaway for the holidays. Many will be looking for a staycation over the festive period after Christmas 2020, but you need to make sure that you plan in advance and know how to get prepaid for a winter holiday in the UK.