One great thing about poker is that there are so few moves to make. Once you have the rhythm of the game down, you should be able to play fine – right? Wrong! Though you now know how to play poker, you have to start watching for some of the most common poker mistakes out there that you could make.

Playing Too Many Hands

Poker is a game with enforced betting through the blinds. While you have to place chips on the table when you are one of the blinds, this is not mandatory at other times. You can simply fold and hand your cards back to the dealer.

Playing too many hands means that you are going to run the risk of burning through your chips. You need to make sure that you learn when the best time for you to strike out might be, as it could not be as often as you think.

Poker flush

Getting Committed

Many beginners make the mistake of thinking that you have to ride it out from the moment your chips hit the table in a check or raise. Whether you are playing on an online platform like GGPoker or you are sitting down to play in a local poker room, it can be easier than you think to get fixated on cards.

So you have been dealt pocket Aces, but as the turns go on, you realise that it is very obvious that you have nothing but this one pair, and other players probably have better. Even with Aces, it is very easy to beat a single pair after all! A big part of poker can be knowing when it is best to fold, so you need to make sure that you recognise this and bow out gracefully.

Playing Too Few Hands

Right up there with playing too many hands will always be playing too few. Though you might want to take a more reserved approach and only bet when you have to, this could result in you missing out on the chance to swoop in and grab a pot.

Imagine you have committed to only betting when you have one of the blinds, and then on another turn you are dealt pocket Aces. Are you really going to fold when you have been dealt the best starting hand in the game? Of course not! You need to make sure that you understand the balance of when and where you should make your plays.

Not Playing a Strategy

New players will go in without a strategy and just bet how they feel. If you want to progress beyond this and begin to improve your skills as a player, you need to make sure that you have a strategy to follow when you sit down to play.

Start by looking at what some of the pros are doing, and see if you can emulate them in certain ways. You should then be able to begin to develop your own playstyle, and with it a strategy that works for you.

Too High Bets

It can be really exciting to sit down to a no-limit game, but they can also get away from you quickly. You need to make sure that you are making bets of the correct size for each round.

Beginners can often get a little over-excited and can jump in with the high and heavy bets too soon. You should not be raising to 5x the blinds in the first hand. All you are going to do there is burn out your chips.

Bear these in mind next time you play. Hopefully, these tips will help you become a much better player!