Plus Size Models – Where Are The Fat Men On The Catwalks?

Plus Size Models – Where Are The Fat Men On The Catwalks?

June 2022, is the month when all the men’s fashion get’s showcased around the globe. Where are the plus-size models on these runways? Why are fat men being ignored in the world of fashion?


One of eight models for Autumn/Winter 2023 menswear season seen above.

If you scroll through Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook the models of diversity are screaming at us regarding the representation of women on the runway of all shapes, sizes, and races. Women like Katie Sturino with a mass plus size following are very open about the lack of fat women being represented in the world of luxury fashion brands. Katie is always angry about why plus-size women in 2022 are still being ignored in the world of luxury fashion. But D&G did use larger-size women this year in Milan. However, it’s now 2023 and all-inclusive larger-size models are not been used once again for the recent catwalks around Europe.

Plus Size Models - Where Are The Fat Boys On The Catwalks

Why Menswear Is Falling Behind On Size Inclusivity

Of 69 shows across the Autumn/Winter 2023 menswear season, only eight featured plus-size models, exclusive research by Vogue Business shows. Brands still view size inclusivity as a commercial risk, experts say. Is it to do with the cost of using extra fabrics? Or is it that fat shaming is not a hard sell in the world of fashion?


As the owner of MenstyleFashion for over a decade now. I ask myself where the hell are the fat guys? Representation of Plus Size fashion for men does not exist when it comes to men’s collections on the runways. In the last European men’s fashion weeks, I could not see one overweight guy on any luxury brand catwalk. Why Not?

I am in Tuscany and the return of the Americans is in full swing here.  I am a witness to male street-style obesity among the guys walking the streets of Lucca, Italy. Even the younger Italians themselves are fatter than ever. There is a market for larger men’s clothing. But I don’t see posters of larger men being showcased in any of the main street fast-fashion chains. Definitely not in the house of Gucci.

The European youth are certainly bigger than ever, thanks to access to fast food chains like Mcdonald’s. The lack of exercise in young men is reflected in gaming and the addiction of people eating whilst scrolling on the internet. We scoff at our faces while eating not being aware of the excess calories that we are stacking on whilst sitting there scrolling through youtube. The mental state of being present these days is why so many of us are unaware of the health impact it’s taking on our daily eating patterns.

Overweight men exist and can’t be ignored when it comes to fashion. So why are luxury brands such as Gucci, and Versace let alone Dior not using fat guys on the runway?

The World Obesity Atlas 2022, published by the World Obesity Federation, predicts that one billion people globally, including 1 in 5 women and 1 in 7 men, will be living with obesity by 2030.

Plus Size Models - Where Are The Fat Boys On The Catwalks

Pitti Uomo

Next month I will be attending one of the biggest men’s shows in Florence called Pitti Uomo. It’s a showcase of mammoth amounts of men’s collections that buyers can get their orders in. I do wonder if there will be a plus-size collection. Let alone overweight guys on the runway.

I very much doubt it. As I am not seeing even a small remote attempt showcasing larger guys in larger clothes. on any runway.

Here in Lucca, Italy I noticed a British man asking if the boutiques have items in his size, he is obese. He has politely turned away with a look of judgment about his size. Italians are very old school when it comes to judging overweight people. They are not looked at favorably. I felt very sorry for him.

The image below was taken by me in 2019.

Pitti-Immagine-2019-Italy.jpg MenStyleFashion Trade Show

Pitti Immagine 2019

Fast Fashion Stores For Plus-Size Men

I went into Zara last month and noticed the underrepresentation of clothing for men in larger sizes. There are no obese models displayed in Zara, H&M let alone Primark. Why is that not happening? Why is it taboo marketing for men, to showcase larger guys in the world of fast fashion?

It has to be addressed and it is why I am talking about it. I can’t find that many plus-size images online of men modeling clothes for this summer. It is utterly shocking for 2022.

Plus-Size Male Models

The underrepresentation of plus-size men in the world of fashion is very grim. There are only 13 men representing the world of fast fashion on social media. These are the 13 plus-size gentlemen models, I found on Instagram.

And four of them are very questionable on why they are even in this section. They do not look overweight to me.

Rasheed Yusuff

Tevin “Milo” Evans

Alex Frankel

Zach Miko

Raul Samuel

Nemar Parchment

Steven Martin

Darnel Ghramm

Joel Davis

Brett Morse, Peter Meyer, and Ben Whit,  Cristian Paris, for me certainly do not look plus-size. I had to zoom in closer and twice at their Instagram. To even ponder why are they in the fat man fashion zone?

What Luxury Brand Is Going To Showcase Plus Size Men?

I can’t even fathom thinking what European luxury brands are going to set the tone in June for men’s fashion weeks for the larger guy. How are men feeling about this? If we’re targeting depression amongst men and their mental well-being. When it comes to fashion magazines and runways lack of representation for obese guys. We are failing male fashion miserably. I am miserable just thinking about it.


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