Thinking about blue light glasses? On average we check our phones about 58 times a day and spend 12 hours a day staring at our screens. This is blue light overload! Blue light has been known to cause increased headaches, digital eye strain, and fatigue, plus trouble sleeping. Putting your screens away, unfortunately, is not always the answer, particularly when you work in an office or from home. 

Blue light glasses can be a lifesaver if you have been struggling with long hours behind your screens. Now, what exactly is blue light? Sunlight is made up of a spectrum of various colours including orange, red, yellow, blue, and green light rays. Each of the light rays has its levels of energy and wavelengths. From among each of the blue light, rays have much shorter wavelengths ranging from between 380nm and 500nm with extremely high energy levels. It has been scientifically proven that when these blue rays reach a wavelength of between 415 and 455 nm they get extremely harmful for the eyes health of individuals as they easily penetrate through the retina of the eye, causing premature eye ageing and vision problems in the future.

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SmartBuyGlasses is a global leader and produces its lenses, offering great protective coatings for your lenses. The zFORT® blue light blocking coating reduces the glare up to much extent especially when you are working, gaming, or looking at the screen of your computer for a much longer period. When you opt for blue light blocking glasses the chances of you enjoying your screen usage increases manifold and this is all that you would want right? zFORT® now offers you an easy way of turning any regular pair of glasses into computer glasses that will provide you good vision along with keeping your eye health intact. 

Shopping online for eyewear can be a daunting task, but with SmartBuyGlasses finding the right pair at the right price has never been easier. Concerned about how your frames might look without trying them on? SmartBuyGlasses has a virtual try-on tool that records a 180-degree view of your face to ensure you get a full scope of how your new frames will look on your face. Plus, there are other fantastic, easy-to-use guides and content that make finding the perfect frames catered to your needs seamless. If you have any specific questions, we have our online opticians available for all unique cases. 

Shop confidently with the knowledge that all of your frames come with a 2-year warranty and 100-day return policy. If you are not satisfied with your frames you have plenty of time to decide and send them back. Plus, our price match guarantee, if you find your favourite frames off our site for less we will match it, ensuring that you get the best deal on your new spectacles. 

Fashionable protection is key, protect your eyes without compromising your style. With thousands of frames to pick from and affordable prices. You can easily select frames for multiple occasions or different styles for mixing them up during the week. It has been found that most people own multiple pairs of glasses, not because they need them for different corrective needs. Rather because they find them to be another accessory to play up their style. Pick a pair of professional, understated frames for work or a bold, thick-framed pair for going out. The options are truly endless. Just have fun and keep your eyes safe.