Retro LCD Watches – Bring Back the Eighty’s Wrist Fashion

Retro LCD Watches – Bring Back the Eighty’s Wrist Fashion

Retro LCD Watches

Do you remember the late seventy’s and early eighty’s when the LCD watches became mainstream. Everyone was ditching their conventional watch and hopped on the bandwagon of LCD watches. The first LCD watch was the Seiko 06 LC launched back in 1973. This watch is now a retro classic demanding premium prices on eBay of $2500-$3000.

Over the years prices dropped and functionality increased with things like alarms, stopwatches, calculators, altitude meters, games, blood pressure monitor, solar power and even databases. Most of the watches were made in Japan, however the Swiss watch industry staged a big come back with the introduction of the Swatch watch and more exclusive marketing focus on the traditional watch making. This killed the LCD market which was becoming dirt cheap.

Smart Watches

But for how long will this be. If you believe the current rumours from Apple and Samsung, is that we will all be wearing smart watches in the coming years. A kind of phone watch combined or at least a screen on your wrist that communicates with your phone. So while this may be the next big game changer for the next coming years, why not go really retro and buy yourself an LCD watch. Prices vary as the real vintage ones can set you back more than $1000. However some classic designs have been remade and go for as cheap as $15.

Great Examples

Here are some examples that I absolutely love. Bring back the eighty’s wrist fashion.

casio illuminator

casio databank lcd watch db380

casio gold stainless steel bracelet a159wgea watch lcd

casio with data bank Vintage

Casio Databank DB360

Seiko 06LC - a Classic

Seiko 06LC – a Classic sold for more than $3000

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