Rock Star Fashion – Corello Show Us How

Rock Star Fashion – Corello Show Us How

Rock Star Fashion

Corello is an edgy Men’s and Women’s fashion and accessory brand, best known for uniting both genders through it’s rockin’ unisex jewellery and accessories. Corello’s fashion designs are fused together by creating products for him and her that bounce off and compliment both genders, whilst differentiating the ground between masculine and feminine through strategically balanced designs. Corello allows consumers to seek individuality through their bridged fusion of urban, bohemian, street and killer rock collections.

It’s not just this engaging connection through fashion that makes Corello, but yet its higher concept of creating American jobs, supporting the underprivileged cottage industry and philanthropy. Consumers can expect bold elegant master pieces, unique concepts, organic and recycled materials and unusual collaborations.

Versatile Accessories

Corello’s mantra “Live Inside Our Minds” allows you to enter Melissa Core and Rick Caballo’s inner most creative thoughts through their artistic expressions. The two Australian creators draw cultural inspiration from their professional musical tours throughout India, Ireland, Singapore, Taiwan, Morocco and Italy. With Ricks Spanish heritage and Melissa’s Cypriot/Maltese background their vast influences are prominent in their articulate designs.

Corello’s ornate hand crafted fashion accessory line crosses the boundaries and breaks all rules, with combinations like recycled eel leather and flamboyant feathers, coyote teeth and precious gems, antique trinkets and raw bones. It is this contradicting fusion that creates Corello.

It’s nice to just buy one thing and wear it many different ways, you feel like you get your monies worth.

Desert Rock Jackets

Its desert rock jackets are a killer!! The cool distressed look, featuring military like shoulders but on a rock star body. The blends are endless. Rick Caballo creates the distressed looks through paint, this is where the art influence ties in with the fashion. Caballo is a professional artist, singer/songwriter, dancer and model. These worlds collided and Corello was born.

It is also and mostly known for its unisex jewellery line. Now she can rock just as hard as him. Men are always known for the cooler ones, now women can be just as fierce through the same balanced designs. However its fashion is not unisex, I am not sure how that ever works, but its designs certainly bounce off each gender. If it does a men’s desert rock jacket then you can expect a women’s one with a perfect hour glass cut and rock star edge.

The Creators Melissa and Rick

The creators of Corello have the expression of unity between two soulful unique collaborative artists and creators. The intertwining of their lifestyle, passion, talents, music and fashion together forms some of the most cutting edge fusion fashion. With two hearts and two minds comes one vision.

They created Corello as they felt there needed to be a cool bridged line that expressed rock in a cool, classic yet casual vibe and it’s also just their style and they way they dress. Melissa loves to be casual but has a hint of that high end feel, where Rick is just a casual rock star dude. It is this contrast that makes the brand it is today. Corello is their lifestyle, everyday, every way. It is worn by some of the biggest celebrities right now.

The creators of Corello

The Creators Melissa and Rick


necklace and eel bracelet

men's Tan firebird leather strap

mens corello signature necklace

mens black leather tundra jacket

almond eel leather cuff

corello Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler from Aerosmith spotted with Corello.

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