With the days getting shorter and the temperature getting cooler, it’s harder than ever to, you know, actually get dressed. Luckily, comfy and cosy loungewear is fast becoming the new norm and we’re not exactly made about it.

Designers and stockists around the world have quickly adapted their ranges to include fashionable loungewear lines that are just as trendy as jeans, shirts and suits.

Although the UK’s restrictions will be easing from December 2nd, we won’t exactly be rushing to see the spectacle that is Winter Wonderland or socialising in crowded pubs. By now, most of you have already got your summer loungewear sorted thanks to lockdown 1.0 by what about your winter wardrobe? Many of us have been left wondering – are hoodies acceptable for the last Zoom calls of the year?

We catch-up with Savile Row Designer, Sally Samuels, who has worked on the bespoke strip for more than 20 years – really she has seen it all! Below, she lists her favourite winter apparel, accessories and advice that is both professional and comfortable for the cooler months ahead:

1. Get Dressed

The news that Christmas will be not-as-we-know-it can make it hard to envisage getting dressed up for functions or even getting changed at all. But don’t get discouraged – research has shown that small, seemingly insignificant steps like getting dressed and making your bed are some of the best ways to boost your mood.

2. Dress for Comfort

While it’s important to get out of your pyjamas, it’s important to be comfortable and that means not walking around the house in a three-piece suit (especially if you have children or pets!).  To strike the perfect balance between comfortable and presentable, team a pair of cotton lounge pants with a woollen jumper and your favourite pair of slippers.

3. The Best Shirts for Working From Home

If impromptu Zoom calls are likely, it pays to stay presentable – at least from the waist up. Opt for a casual long sleeve shirt made from good quality material to keep you warm and maybe even a tie if you have a weekly catch-up with the company directors. You can’t go wrong with a classic polo and a knitted jumper! I suggest this lambswool-blend half-zip jumper by Savile Row Company which comes in beautiful burnt orange colour – the perfect shade to reflect the seasonal change.

Savile Row Designer on Working From Home Winter Attire

4. Best Trousers for Working From Home

When picking your outfit for the day, your focus should be on pieces that balance form and function. A pair of stretch cotton chinos or light-weight lounge pants are the perfect happy medium. Can’t decide? These navy striped, soft cotton lounge pants are the perfect balance between professional and practical.

Savile Row Designer on Working From Home Winter Attire

5. Best Shoes for Working for Home

Unlike the first national lockdown, the temperature is cooler so ensuring your feet are warm is important because we all know – if your feet are cold so is the rest of your body. Luckily,  your feet will rarely be on camera so opting for slippers or comfy socks is OK! I suggest opting for an easy slide-on pair which makes it easier when coming in and out of the house from your daily walks.

Armed with this advice, you should be able to build a stylish and well-suited winter wardrobe that can easily transition from day to night. As always, we suggest checking the label to see what materials the garment is made out of because if you’re spending money, you want to buy something that will actually keep you warm but also last. Really, is there anything more annoying than a windbreaker that doesn’t actually protect you from the wind? Happy shopping!

You can shop Savile Row Company’s full range of work-from-home attire at – https://savilerowco.com/work-from-home