Summer Fashion Trends For Boys To Look Forward In 2020

Summer Fashion Trends For Boys To Look Forward In 2020

It’s not always easy to dress up in summers, especially for men. You cannot spend the entire summer wearing your cotton tee and shorts.

You need to dress up for work and other different occasions as well. Comfort is something that is the top priority for brands such as CoveredBliss. With some proper styling tips, it is possible to try out different looks and styles during the summer months as well.

In this article, we will share some popular summer trends for boys to look forward in 2020.


Shorts are a summer staple that can keep you cool and comfortable during the hot summer months, especially when you are outdoors.

You can opt for pastel-colored shorts if you want a cool and sober look. However, if you want a more rugged look, then you can opt for black, khaki or navy-blue shorts. These colors can match up with any colored tee or shirt.

When it comes to having shorts in your summer wardrobe, athletic shorts are perfect for a casual summer look.

Investing in a couple of high-quality athletic shorts is a great way to stay fit and active during summers. You can opt for some mesh shorts that can be easily paired up with tanks and plain tees.

With shorts, avoid wearing loose-fitting tanks and tees. Go for more slim fitted tops.

Denim shorts are something that has been around for years. However, denim shorts don’t go well with all fabrics and can be quite tricky to wear. Getting the perfect length is a challenge in itself. You need to make sure that the length of your denim shorts is neither too long or short. Unlike regular shorts, you can pair denim shorts with shirts as well.

Summer Fashion

Tees and Shirts

When it comes to summer t-shirts, avoid wearing tees that are too plain or have too loud or crappy graphics and illustrations.

Opt for more sophisticated options such as a striped tee or classy polos. You can pair polo shirts either with shorts or jeans.

The same thing goes for shirts as well. You can either opt for a full sleeve or half sleeve shirts. Wearing full sleeve shirts can be quite challenging to wear during the summertime.

Try to wear light-colored shirts to avoid feeling hot and sweaty. If you are wearing half sleeve shirts, you can experiment with different patterns and colors for a more casual look.

Pants and Denim Jeans

Although, pants are something that people usually avoid during the summer months as most men like to wear shorts.

When the weather is scorching hot, then it is acceptable for people to wear shorts everywhere, even for semi-formal events. Nevertheless, you can wear your trusty jeans when the weather is nice and cool.

However, try to use lighter shades of blue for summers and avoid wearing black or navy blue colors. Chino pants are usually lightweight and can be easily worn in summers.

Avoid being too bold or too plain when wearing chinos in summers. You can wear anything cool, fresh and non-florescent!


Unlike summer outfits, one has more options for shoes during summers. You can opt for vans, sneakers, boat shoes, etc.

Although, when it comes to summer footwear, you can opt for any shades that are cool and subtle. However, white is something that looks good, especially during the summertime.

You can flaunt your sneakers for both; casual and semi-formal looks. Instead of going for black or white colors, you can wear any colored sneakers if paired correctly with your summer outfits.

Leather sneakers look the best during summers, especially with semi-formal outfits.

Summer Fashion

Socks and Jackets

Socks should be usually worn mid-calf. You can opt for basic black, white or grey colored socks. Jackets are usually avoided during summers.

However, they look equally cool with summer outfits as they look during the winter. You need to make sure that you choose a lightweight jacket. Bomber jackets look great when styled correctly.

Make sure to choose one that is light in weight. Also, go for light or neutral colored jackets instead of going for dark-colored ones.

Sunglass and Watches

Accessories such as sunglasses are perfect for summers. Instead of having several cheaper ones, invest in a few good quality ones that can last for years.

For watches, try to wear something which is stylish yet comfortable. Watch straps made of leather or metal can be a bit heavy for summers.

Try to opt for a watch with a canvas strap instead. It is lightweight and doesn’t make your wrist moist and sweaty during the hot weather.

To Wrap Up

As far as summer fashion for boys is concerned, don’t take it too seriously. Try to keep your outfits lightweight and practical. However, don’t shy away from experimenting with different patterns and colors. Protection Status

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