Scandinavian Fashion – Invasion At London Fashion Week

Scandinavian Fashion – Invasion At London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week - Scandinavian Fashion

Scandinavian Fashion

On occasion, the maelstrom of fashion can move at such a rate, you are left dazed and confused, caught in the on-rushing headlights, unable to move for the blur that has just past you by like a juggernaut on one of those wide-open expanses Americans like to call a freeway.

West Wing of The Magnificent Somerset House

Prior to London Fashion Week, I had scribbled a small note in my journal which read: “write about Scandinavian fashion” and planned to write this article before my attendance at LFW. Unfortunately, life, work et al got in the way – as it has a nasty habit of doing – and the article was never penned. Not to worry I thought to myself, a week can wait. Then fashion batted her eyelids at me and lo-and-behold, I arrived at LFW to find the Scandinavian invasion in full swing – the entire West Wing of the magnificent Somerset House had been taken over by up-and-coming Scandinavian designers showing off their wonderful wears – and I had failed to beat the buzzer.

Scandinavian Designers

Nonetheless, now is as good a time as any to talk about the waves being made by Scandinavian designers and the impact they are having on the UK market. With their quintessential clean lines, simple yet beautiful constructed shapes and the sense of utopia that seems to emanate from their lifestyle, forget the Italians, the Americans and the Brits, the countries on everyone lips all stem from Northern Europe. Here are just a select few to keep your eyes on:

WOOD WOOD: Bright block colours

WOOD WOOD: Bright block colours mixed with sharp black tailoring, print pattern shirts, logo tees, sweats and beanies all combine to make Wood Wood one of Denmark’s leading fashion brands. There is a real feel of sport utility / fashion crossover with the garments WW are producing – a trend we will be seeing a lot more of come the summer season – and the brand mix classical tailoring with modern streetwear to create a sense of fashion and functionality.


BILLY & I: When I first thumbed through the Billy and I lookbook for the forthcoming S/S 13 campaign, I was immediately drawn to the simple colours – soft browns, washed out off-whites, sharp plain blacks. The
collection was straightforward, to the point, no heirs nor graces, just well made, well tailored clothes for the modern man. There was a naive construction to the clothes giving them a relaxed yet affirmative approach to
menswear and proved that if done correctly (as this collection so evidently was), simplicity is genius.


NORSE PROJECTS: Although maybe not as high-end as some of the other brands (Norse weren’t actually ‘showing’ at LFW), every street you look down this summer will be filled with hipsters swarming around the late summer nights clad in a brand whose slogan reads: ‘good for all seasons’. Norse Projects are big and they’re getting bigger. From sweaters, to chinos, traditional Norwegian fisherman’s jackets (their Elka jacket is amazing in its various colourways) to caps and knitwear, mark my words, every cool kid on every street will be wearing something Norse this summer.

Mads Norgaard

Mads Norgaard: The Scandanvians are renowned for their health living, their clean, some would say, idyllic way of life and the clothing of Mads Norgaard doesn’t nothing to dispel such musings. Here is a brand that keeps things simple: clean lines, plain crew-neck tees, smart formal shirts teamed with unadorned bomber jackets. Sometimes clothes should be simple, this is one of those times.

The following images are of Scandinavian Fashion at London Fashion Week 2013

London Fashion Week - Scandinavian Fashion


London Fashion Week - Scandinavian Fashion


London Fashion Week - Scandinavian Fashion


London Fashion Week - Scandinavian Fashion


London Fashion Week - Scandinavian Fashion


Image Credits: Maria Scard

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