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The Art of Wearing Shoes – Style Guide

Fashion is not just about how you look or what you wear; men’s fashion is an art. Whether you like it or not, there’s a part of your mind that chooses what clothes you buy, where from and how you wear them. Unfortunately, most men’s artistic flare in this department seems to have failed, however hope is on the way. Taking men’s style step by step, you can achieve a fashionable, good looking dress sense that leaves you both looking and feeling great. Working bottom up, the firs thing to focus on is your shoes.

There are two ways a man can approach shoes.

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The Statement Look

Shoes like these from Nicholas Kirkwood, first shown at London Collections: Men in June, work perfectly to accompany a simple yet sophisticated, plain coloured suit. Although these men’s shoes are monochrome, their awkward yet elegant stripes fit perfectly with this Summer’s fashion for men, and can add to a simple outfit and really make it pop.

Make a statement with your shoes, leaving your shirt and suit simple. A matching tie, as explained in this article about men’s accessories, would perfect the style you’re looking for and make you stand out from the crowd every day.

The Subtlety Look

Alternatively, you can go for the Subtlety look. Donning a more colourful suit, such as this one spotted outside the Topman Show Room at LC:M, allow you to explore your creativity and show that it’s summer time, keeping it simple with your shoes. Accompany your look with a plain leather bag and you’ll be well on the way to perfecting the art of wearing men’s shoes.

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Absolute NOs

  • Do not wear a colourful, heavily patterned or a STATEMENT shoe with a coloured suit or patterned top.
  • Do not wear a subtle pair of shoes with a subtle suit. This style worked in the 19th century, but now is the time for exploration.
  • Be afraid of trying something new. We want you to get out of your comfort zone.

Important Note

Shoes are FRIENDS, not enemies. They are there to not only protect your feet, but to look and feel good. They may be at the bottom of your body, but they sure do get a lot of attention, particularly from women.

Feel free to experiment with your shoes, but give them attention – pay them respect – and the hard work will pay off. Don’t go for the easy option of buying your favourite sneakers from Primark simply because they’re cheap and cheerful, as this is certainly not the case. Forking out a little more on a slightly more expensive pair of shoes certainly pays off as it certainly is noticeable.

Want to look top notch? Get in the know-how with Men’s Style Fashion and follow this STATEMENT or SUBTLETY guide on how to wear men’s shoes.

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