Is the Samsung JetBot Robot Mop Worth Worth All the Hype?

Man, as the psychologist Stanley Hall said, is a creature of habit. But perhaps one habit that people never seemed to pick up is cleaning. We all love clean houses, but we rarely lift a finger and do it ourselves. It’s either we hire someone to do it for us or we get some technological help such as buying robotic mops.

Speaking of robotic mops, they are generally lifesavers, especially for busy people like you and me. And with stay at home mandates still going on in different places, foot traffic and its dirty effects can readily be seen around the house. Nevertheless, purchasing mopping robots solved most of my everyday maintenance predicament and this review helped me make a choice.

Now, one question that remains is, is the Samsung JetBot mop the one for you? Let’s find out.

Samsung jetbot mop review

Samsung JetBot Mop Features 

  • The Samsung JetBot Map employs dual spinning technology, which are essentially two pads attached to water tanks and spins at a fast pace. This technology is also the unit’s mechanism for its movement. Since it has no wheels, the JetBot uses the spinning movement of its pads to propel itself forward, backward, and sideways.
  • It also makes use of a smart sensor system, which allows the JetBot to navigate through obstacles. You don’t expect the unit to do so impeccably, but when it bumps through things like a foot or leg of the chair, it does find a way out and continue to do what it does.
  • When it comes to battery life, the Samsung JetBot is superior compared to its peers. When fully charged, it is estimated to go 100 minutes, but real area tests indicate it could go for as long as 109 minutes. That’s enough time for the JetBot to clean the widest area of your home or even two small rooms.
  • Another convenient feature of the Samsung JetBot mop is its cleaning modes — all eight of them. It ranges from a “focus mode” that zeroes in on a particular area you want to clean, to the “intensive mode,” which could be a little crazy to look at. Other modes are the S-Pattern (which I also call the Figure 8), Step Cleaning, Manual Cleaning, 50-Minute Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, and Auto Cleaning.
  • A pretty unique attribute of the JetBot mop, and perhaps its best selling point, is it doubles as a handheld wall cleaner. Simply pick up the handle, push the power button twice like double-clicking a computer mouse, and you’re ready to go. This feature conveniently allows you to clean stains on the kitchen top or wipe of grime on the bathroom walls.
  • The whole unit weighs only six pounds with a dimension of 5.75 by 15.5 by 5 inches. It also comes with two sets of mops made of mother yarn and microfiber. 

How the Samsung JetBot Robot Mop Works

If you have used a robotic mop before, the Samsung JetBot mop isn’t like any model you have seen. Based on the cleaning mode you choose, it will perform seemingly random movements, or go zig-zag, diagonal, and in circles. I won’t consider it a deal-breaker, by any means, but it looks a little weird and goofy. If you want to check what I’m talking about, see its operation for yourself.

Here are the steps on how you can get the JetRobot going:

  • The mopping pads that came along with the unit needs to be wet and wrung before being clicked into place at the bottom. The microfiber pad is best used for smooth floors while the denser mother yarn material is ideal for wiping spills and heavier films of dust.
  • Fill the two water tanks with water and secure them into place with their panels located at the bottom. These reservoirs slowly pump water into the pads as it cleans. You may also mix the water with a little cleaning agent for disinfection purposes.
  • Since the unit is powered by a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, you only need to press the power button when it’s fully charged. The default cleaning mode is Auto, so if that’s good enough for you, leave it be or choose another setting for your specific cleaning needs.

Samsung jetbot mop review

What I Like About The Samsung JetBot 

1.) Portability

Aside from its sleek design and durable plastic body, I like how it is super portable. The box itself already comes with a handle and the unit is the same way. And remember, it all weighs just six pounds, not much heavier than a two-liter bottle of soda.

2.) Stronger than it looks 

The JetBot does not rely on one powerful sweep, but instead, does the job by taking multiple shots at dirt and grime. For a 50-minute cleaning session (one of its cleaning modes), it makes numerous glides on the floors, ultimately lifting off stubborn dirt.

3.) Easy to Use

The Samsung JetBot doesn’t even need to be set up — simply put the pads into place, turn the unit on, and select the cleaning mode.

4.) Dual Purpose

Perhaps one of the best things about the JetBot is you can use it as a handheld wall scrubber. It will clean, not only your living room or kitchen floors, its two spinning brushes will leave bathroom walls in immaculate condition. I don’t think there is anything on the market that offers these qualities other than the JetBot.

5.) Affordable

The JetBot is not a perfect robot mop (we’ll touch more on that later), but at its price point, it is a bargain. Its SRP is at $299, but you can find it on sale with about 50 to 70 bucks off. That’s practicality in my book!

Samsung jetbot mop review Samsung jetbot mop review

What I Don’t Like About The Samsung JetBot

As much as I like the JetBot, let’s not act like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Here are some of its drawbacks:

1.) You need to get involved.

Unfortunately, the JetBot requires more human assistance than you would like to. You need to refill the water tanks after the 50-minute cleaning cycle, clean the pads, and perhaps clear away some obstacles if it gets stuck every once in a while.

2.) No apps, virtual boundaries, and scheduling

This could be under point #1 since this means it needs more human involvement because of its lack of technology. To compensate, you will be the one to put boundaries so it won’t go to the other rooms, and you should be present whenever you clean your house.

3.) Does not always avoid rugs and carpets

Samsung says it does stay away from rugs and carpets, but it’s not consistent with it. That is why you will need to set up a physical boundary if you use the JetBot to clean a room with carpets.

4.) Don’t expect it to remove concentrated stains

The Samsung Jetbot is designed for everyday maintenance cleaning. It’s not supposed to clean the toughest stains in your house. Now, if you do, you are in for a big disappointment.

The Verdict – Should You Buy The Samsung JetBot?

The answer is yes, if you don’t mind doing some of the work yourself. As mentioned, it requires you to be involved in cleaning the scrubbers, refilling the water tanks, creating physical boundaries, and so on. Again, be reminded that this unit is for mundane cleaning tasks and is not built to do away with the toughest stains and grime.

However, for me, the real game-changer is its affordability. It provides true value at $299, so if you ever find one on sale for much less, you need to be decisive.

Samsung jetbot mop review