Six Stylish Wedding Accessories for Men

Six Stylish Wedding Accessories for Men

Wedding fashion is not only for brides. There are so many ways that grooms can rock their wedding outfit – beyond having a great tux! Starting with the accessories.

Groom accessories generally include pocket squares, sunglasses, cufflinks, bow ties, watches, belts and shoes. These small touches can make or break a wedding outfit. They offer an opportunity for the groom to show off his personality and make his look a bit more unique than the traditional groom.

Here are six stylish wedding accessories for grooms to up their wedding look. What’s great is that most of these accessories can also be worn in everyday life – not just on your wedding day!

Lab-created Wedding Band

So many grooms tend to pick the same old simple wedding band. You know the one, a thick plain silver or gold band with no stones or designs. Up your game by going for a more stylish and unique wedding band. Look at different materials, designs, textures and stones to include on your wedding band. And while you’re at it, ditch the traditional diamonds and opt for lab created jewelry. They are a more ethical and sustainable option.

Wedding Band

Funky Socks

Here is your chance to go wild as they won’t be seen as much. Pick a pair of funky and colorful socks to show off your fun side. Are you a huge fan of Marvel? Why not get a pair of Superman socks? Or perhaps something more quirky like socks with pineapples or little bicycles on them? If that is a bit too wild, then tame it down with a simple yet fun pair of polka dot socks.

Get your groomsmen to wear matching socks as well – it can make for great photo opportunities!

Unique Cufflinks

If you don’t have your dad’s hand-me-down cufflinks, why not opt for a stylish pair of modern cufflinks? They add a simple touch to take a suit from everyday to formal. A wide range of colors and styles are now available – from ultra luxurious gold cufflinks to fun wooden cufflinks.

A Unique Watch

Define your sense of style with the type of watch that you select for your wedding day. Pick between a timeless stainless watch, the traditional leather strapped watch, a fun wooden strapped watch or a modern smart watch. What is your signature style?

A Reversible Bow-Tie

Opting for a bow-tie over a long tie is a great way to make your look a bit different to all the other grooms these days. Whether you go for the traditional black tie or something more colorful and patterned, a bow-tie will always make your outfit look more formal. A tasteful bow tie worn with a tasteful tuxedo will never go out of style.

A Printed Pocket Square

Yes, pocket squares are often thought of as outdated and boring. But, if you spice them up a bit by going for a colorful, patterned print they can actually make a great wedding-day statement. A printed pocket square will look amazing with a classic black suit – a subtle way to add something unique to your look. Protection Status

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