Slippers – Home Footwear Style Tips

Slippers – Home Footwear Style Tips

I notice men when it comes to indoor shoes need the most comfortable and easily accessible shoes to take on and off. Otherwise, it is barefoot all the way. Working from home for almost a year now. How many shoes have you worn around the house? What type of shoe have you chosen to slip on and off. This is why Italian slippers innovate modern designs of men’s slippers that will surely be in demand. With its finest materials used for the slippers that give lasting durability with fashionable designs that men will embrace to wear it. May it be at home or outdoors. With Italian men’s slippers, you will never be out of fashion.

The slipper style options are endless and have been redesigned and remixed in many ways.

Where you can opt for long-lasting slippers with a sustainable message.


A moccasin is a shoe, made of deerskin or soft leather, consisting of a sole and sides made of one piece of leather, stitched together at the top. This timeless design is to slippers is cosey, warm, and easy to take on and off inside.

Steer away from cheap fleecy slippers and pamper your feet for 2021. Opt for some outrageous styles too. But whatever you do. When putting out the rubbish don’t wear them outside. These are indoor only.
birkenstock moccasins for men


This type of slipper with a backless design that leaves the heel exposed. It’s the perfect winter warmers to get you through snow days on the sofa. Even if you are in Spain Madrid right now.  This stay home mule is all about comfort and the ability to be kicked off when you can’t be bothered wearing any other shoe type within the home. Make sure you opt for loud colours to brighten up your breakfast.
mules for men


We are all experiencing the very cold depths of winter. If floor heating is not an option get yourself a pair of bootie slippers. With a few inches up your ankle, this is what’s needed to tackle those cold days.
They are ideal for added warmth around your ankles. A nice alternative to joggers or trainers that seem useless right now. They are perfect for sitting around an open fire and melt at the sight of that blaring temperature.
indoor booties for men

Sneaker Slipper

Don’t you feel like we are in Alaska looking for a comfortable deck shoe or a durable slipper?  This part sneaker, part slipper, slip-on will keep you warm and dry no matter how cold it gets. The stylish Chevron outsole maintains excellent grip even in wet conditions. So when collecting the rubbish or an amazon parcel outside your feet will stay dry. The wool upper keeps toes hot and it’s soft so very comfortable to wear all day long.  These are perfect winter here in Europe right now. Which you can slip-on keeping in mind a more youthful slipper attire.
Xtratuf Men's Homer Slip-On Sneaker

Derek Rose

If your grandfather has inspired you over the years then it’s time to relive those moments with Derek Rose. They are created with all leather and wool for the perfect stay home slipper lets binge watch Netflix. This working from home is all about comfort and wearing items that one would not dare to be seen outside your front door.
Derek Rose Protection Status

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