Smoking Jacket – Luxury Homewear Tips

Smoking Jacket – Luxury Homewear Tips

As lockdown is in full swing it’s time to invest in a smoking jacket. Historically in the late 1800s, it was worn as an overgarment for tobacco fans. A smoking jacket was associated with a certain class of debonair jauntiness, monocles, mustaches, and glasses of cognac.

It was originally created for men who wanted to protect their suits from the substance’s potent aroma.

Menswear has been dictated by rules for decades, and formal clothing has always been restrictive due to so many fashion rules. It no longer has to be. 

When it comes to wearing a smoking jacket.

We are a firm believer in the mantra that ‘they are there to be broken.

Whatever it takes wear it over your pyjamas as I did.

smoking jacket 2021 menstylefashion villa italy

smoking Smoking Jacket - Luxury Homewear Tips

Hence bring back the smoking jacket at the dinner or lounge table.

Homewear For The Festive Season

It might not be the most practical investment, but there’s no denying it’s an incredibly luxurious one.

It was an excellent conversation starter when entering the 600-year old villa BuonVisi here in Tuscany.  These villas are dark and we wanted to recreate what would have been happening historically in the late 1800s.

Designer Angela Facchini from Rome Italy chose a rich beautiful Burgundy colour. The fabric used was acetate taffeta. She teamed it with velvet jacquard collar, cuff, and trimmings. Angela is a firm believer that,

 The lining of the jacket is as important as the smoking jacket. She opted for a silk powder blue lining.

Smoking jacket luxury homewear menstylefashion 2020 (2)

This is a special jacket so I opted for a bespoke tailoring experience. I want the smoking jacket to fit well and look classy.

James Bond Attire

Did I fancy channeling my inner James Bond style? The smoking jacket was the ideal look for posh dinners for my zoom work Christmas parties.

It’s both comfortable and incredibly easy to wear. There’s no fussing around with a shirt and I didn’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror. I matched the velvet jacket with velvet slippers to give that overall gentleman look.

Smoking Jacket - Luxury Homewear Tips

As I sat smoking my way to success. I felt very regal in the jacket.

Smoking Jacket

Smoking Jacket - Luxury Homewear MenStyleFashion 2020 (2)

It looks and feels amazing.

How To Wear A Smoking Jacket

The smoking jacket is for loungewear which is why during this festive season. It is the only jacket I will be trending in the comfort of my villa.

I would undoubtedly continue to get into role play in this smoking jacket. And wear in lieu of a dinner jacket by entertaining my family of six at home.

By wearing it I felt posh, a symbol of status.

Smoking Jacket - Luxury Homewear Tips

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and inspire you to get yourself in a smoking jacket for the festive season. Just think outside the box and have some festive fun. We are in Tier 4,  no need to drive at all.

So I decided to decorate the Smart car and be pandemic smart for Christmas.

christmas car lights smart tuscany menstylefashionu

christmas lights tuscany menstyefashion 2020 smart car (1) Protection Status

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