Despite a decline in open business due to COVID closures, reopenings have served record numbers.

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar market. With the Hairdressing industry estimated to hit £3.9 billion annual revenue by 2021. Despite many closures in early 2020, hair salons like Charles Worthington still have much to offer their clients, despite the recent faltering of the economy. What is it about our hair that keeps it so important, even in times of economic downturn?

Hairstyles are one of the most basic, and yet important, fundamentals of fashion. They help us make a good impression, or send a bold message of individuality. Perfectly showcasing our individual styles and features. A good haircut can not only make you look incredible, but it can also make you feel incredible, too. Making them an extension of our physical appearance, as much as they are a declaration of our style. Choosing the right hairdresser can feel overwhelming, especially now- but this stress can easily be avoided once you know exactly what to look for.

Closures and Capacity – The London City Hairdresser

While closures in response to the covid-19 epidemic hit the world of hair salons hard, reopening did little to ease stress. Largely because most salons that were able to reopen, had to seriously diminish their normal capacity and customer flow patterns. Completely revamping their policies regarding booking appointments, available treatments, payment options, and customer experience. Leaving a massive chasm between customer needs and skilled worker availability. Despite this gap, few new salons were able to step up to help quell the geyser of long pushed back appointments.

However, as usually happens when this type of opportunity comes knocking, an influx of unlicensed, and unskilled hairstylists seemed to hit the streets, creating something of an “underground” hairdresser system. While possibly useful, hairdressers are specifically educated- largely in a demanding setting that requires them to not only hone skills like cutting and colouring but also to learn the basic concepts of relevant chemistry and biology that are necessary to safe practice. Which is why licensure is often incredibly strict and expensive, despite it being necessary for the safety and satisfaction of clients.

Licensure and Expense

In salons with the highest standards and most skilled hairdressers, standard operating costs can top nearly 80% of a salon’s revenue. Meaning that even the best salons operate on razor-thin profit margins. Couple already emaciated profits with the cost of completely modified protocols and you have a clear recipe for disaster. Few smaller scale salons have been able to weather the storm, leaving prestigious institutions like Charles Worthington to pick up the excess.

Choosing a licensed professional to style your hair is more than just something to consider- it should be an absolute necessity in your mind. Hairdressers, London City and elsewhere, are not only knowledgeable about the chemicals they use, but are privy to techniques that are exclusive to different hair types. Ever wonder why you can never seem to get your fringe cut correctly? That’s because so much more than just clipping goes into a hairstyle. Understanding the biological composition of types of hair and hair shafts gives your hairdresser that sage wisdom of where to part and how to cut. Making it look effortless to be sure, but it’s definitely not something most of us could reproduce at home.

Choosing the Best Hairdresser, London City

Choosing the best hairdresser is about more than just availability. There are a number of practical considerations that go into deciding which the best hairdresser is for you. Always choose an experienced stylist, especially if you plan on going for a defining cut or dramatic colour. Take a peek at their portfolio, and if post COVID-19-schedules allow, see if you can book a consultation. Price and availability, although often the first things that we think of when considering a new hairdresser, shouldn’t be your top concerns.

Make sure that any stylist you choose is fully licensed or registered, as is applicable within your area. This can help reassure you that they are up to the task ahead of them- and keep you from making costly mistakes. While it’s always useful to talk to friends and family, to see if they have any recommendations, remember to take these selections as an addition to the aforementioned perspectives. That’s because a hairstylist that is great with straight hair, may not be your ideal candidate for curly. Or one that is incredibly skilled with cuts, may not be the top stylist to see when it comes to colour. This is another reason that booking an appointment at a large salon can be useful, as many of the best house a range of stylists with varying skills and expertise. Making it easier to get exactly what you want, without having to sacrifice the health of your hair.