Socks For Men – Four Different Styles To Choose From

Socks For Men – Four Different Styles To Choose From

Socks For Men

When you think about putting an outfit together, where do you start? The shirt or t-shirt? The jeans or trousers? Maybe if you want to wear a particular pair of trainers or brogues you might start down at the bottom. Well, how about moving upwards a minuscule and starting with your socks.

Socks can say as much about your persona as any shirt can. You may think they are there simply to keep your feet warm but team up the right socks with the right top and trust me, the first thing anyone walking the opposite way down the street will look at is your socks.

With the current trend for a hefty roll-up on your jeans or trousers – that’s an altogether different article – now is the time to show off those socks. So forget about the traditional black (although I would suggest wearing black at least once a week to keep things fresh and retain those classic roots) and unleash the sock from the bottom draw and into the eyes of the general public. And remember, if they are looking at your feet, you’re doing something right.

Patterned / Coloured Socks

Look on any respected menswear style blog at the moment – from streetfsn, jakandjil or the sartorialist – and you will see all manner of men wandering the streets of the world with patterned socks glowing from their ankles like stars in the night sky. Polka dots, stripes, zig-zags and swirls plus more colours than adorn the rainbow, the patterned/coloured sock is most certainly the sock of the moment. If you are going to wear a brightly coloured patterned sock make sure the rest of your outfit is suitably toned down with block colours and/or navy or black jeans. Patterned socks with a patterned trouser – think herringbone check or pinstripes – is a strict no-no.

socks coloured fun with ,turn-ups or cuffed trousers

White Socks

Come on, let’s face it, I know you’re thinking of Michael Jackson grabbing his crotch and busting out the moonwalk in the Thriller video. Well get those thoughts out of your head because trust me, you really can pull this look off. Get a decent dark coloured loafer  (Mr Hare, classic horse-shoe bit Gucci, Bass Weejuns) pull on a pair of crisp white socks, get those skinny jeans on – I’d go for traditional blue denim – and get walking down the street. Definitely no moon-walking though.

sock mr hare with white socks

Winter Socks

When I lived in Canada, the thick wool sock was my saviour during the frozen winter months and now that boots have become a necessity for any self respecting winter wardrobe no matter the climes, the wool sock has met a friend for life. It doesn’t have to be traditional light grey either; Topman and American Apparel – to name but two – both do a fantastic line in coloured wool socks as well as the classic grey with a coloured stripe at the top for you to show off your boots and socks simultaneously. Perfect.

Winter socks and boots

Hidden Socks

Yes, yes I know this defeats the whole purpose of the article but the hidden sock has as much relevance as any other so please hear me out.

When you pull on your so called invisible sock, please please make sure they are just that…invisible. So many times I see men wearing a brilliant black brogue with a white ‘invisible’ sock peeking out to say hello to the world and it looks awful, not to mention lazy, surely you could at least find a black pair. As I mentioned earlier, the trend to turn-up the hem of your trouser shows no sign of abating, even with the onset of winter, so if you are still rocking the invisible sock look, the rest of the world and I do not want to see them. If that makes sense.

sock, and spikes, no socks,2012

How wicked can socks be right night. Embrace the spiky sock

spiky socks - with shorts

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