Even your Average Joe weekend warrior will go to great lengths to be at his best – whether that means spending extra time in the gym or playing in a recreational league on the side. After all, it’s great exercise – no matter your age.

However, recent studies into men’s health have created a stir that has been spreading among various online men’s forums. The question many male athletes have is, “Do tight briefs negatively impact sports performance?” While such a question may seem ridiculous, the studies that were published actually have surprising answers that men should take into consideration when it comes to choosing their next batch of underwear.

Does it Affect Performance?

The basis of this question is due to a long-standing rumour that wearing tight underwear can actually constrain blood vessels to such an extent that it would result in “blockages” which can cause numbness, pain in the legs or even varicose veins. Unfortunately, for bikini brief wearing men everywhere, this rumour does have a considerable amount of truth to it. Various studies revealed that overly tight briefs constrained the capability of a man to have and maintain proper blood flow to certain areas in the legs and can lead to long-term complications if it is not addressed. As such, the tightness of the garter and the feeling of being constrained does have an impact on an individual’s capability during sports performance. Do note, though, that this particular issue does not mean that all problems with a person’s legs can be connected to the type of underwear they wear.

Does Tight Underwear Affect Muscle Size?

This is another common question that is often connected to the use of tight underwear with the justification being that the constrained area of the briefs causes leg muscles to shrink or not develop properly. Analysis by various studies has proven this particular rumour to be entirely false based on extensive research across various sets of participants. The length and girth of the muscle are determined primarily on genetics with external environmental sources rarely having the capacity to impact its development. Thus, the size of a man’s leg muscles are not determined by the underwear they use; rather, it all boils down to the type of genetics that they have inherited and the type of training they use. Do note though that there are some external factors that may affect leg size but this is normally connected to severe malnutrition and, as such, for most people living in western societies this is not an issue.

Does Tight Underwear Cause Loss of Bone Density?

While this rumour is rather strange, it has been mentioned numerous times and is connected to nutrients supposedly being constrained when entering the legs which lead to bone degeneration. Analysis of various studies on this issue shows that wearing tight underwear does not have a negative impact on a person’s bone density. Loss of bone density can be attributed to a wide range of factors ranging from disease to the type of training that you do. Considering the fact that some long-distance runners do have a habit of wearing tight underwear and clothing during events and experience bone density loss due to their training, it is possible that the rumour originated based on this correlation. However, there is no connection whatsoever and it is merely coincidental.

Is it Permanent?

Fortunately, it is not; however, there have yet to be sufficient studies to determine the amount of time needed from the instance you wear tight underwear to the point that your blood vessels return to normal. For people that have been experiencing leg problems for years due to a feeling of numbness, it is highly suggested that you change the type of briefs that you use immediately since this may be due to the type of underwear you use. There are some options to choose, ranging from using boxers to buying VKNagrani designer boxer briefs. One of the more unusual options though that some men have chosen has been to forgo underwear entirely and go “commando”. While this particular solution would solve issues when it comes constraining your blood vessels, it has been noted that there have been some issues reported when it comes to chafing on denim jeans and, as such, it is not exactly recommended for all people.

Prolonged Issues

Please do note though that while this article has helped to clarify the various issues when it comes to tight underwear and its potential impact on sports performance, it is in no way an exhaustive reference. If you truly feel that something is wrong, please make an appointment with your nearest physician so that you can have yourself looked over.

Just remember, not everything you hear over the internet is true; however, there are some details that are accurate enough that you should take them into consideration when choosing the type of underwear you will buy.