6 Sikh Fashion Tips for Cold Weather

6 Sikh Fashion Tips for Cold Weather

As the leaves change and the air turns colder, we slowly begin to see ourselves become accustomed to the coming winter. This season probably causes many and all to stress over the clothes they have in their wardrobe and many feel as lost. Being a Sikh might add to my list of things to worry about. But is it possible to dawn a stylish outfit without looking 10-20 pounds heavier, wearing a turban or feeling out of touch with my fashion sense?


I think the general public is inapt in wearing the proper amount of layers to stay warm. Now is the right time for Sikh men to start wearing more fall themed coloured turbans. My favourites tend to be shades of brown, red, dark orange, khaki, and dark green. I would recommend buying workout thermals in white for those of you who get cold easily. Here are 6 Sikh Fashion Tips for the Cold.

Cashmere & Wool

You need to buy yourself a good quality cashmere or wool sweater, I really mean buy quality rather than quantity. Buying a bunch of sweaters that cost $20-30, may sound like a deal, but will they keep you warm? Read the label, I stress the important about reading labels. It tells you what your clothes are made of and which it reads 100% wool, then your good. If money and price is an issue for you then I would suggest try shopping at UNIQLO, if there is one near you or online. There prices are reasonable for a range of their winter catalogue.


Sweater Vests

A great idea for a Sikh inspired fall outfit is to wear a sweater vest. Sweater vests are extremely popular in India during the winter; instead of wearing a full sweater opt for this. You build the layers and also get to show off your shirt.


Top Coats & Parkas

Investing in a topcoat or parka is something that everyone needs to do. Personally, I prefer a topcoat made out of 100% wool, double breasted and a fur collar. However, it is truly difficult to find this type of topcoat; you will usually find them in designer stores with a not so decent price tag. The only store which happens to sell my type of topcoats is Burberry, so if quality is what you’re looking for then start saving.

The other option is buying a parka. My problem with a parka is that it is too big and undesirable. They all look the same and fail to impress just about everyone I know.


The Ethnic Vibe

If you want an ethnic vibe then I would suggest buying a shawl and there’s nothing wrong with a guy wearing one. Wearing a shawl is a genderless practice in India. It’s light weight and can be worn instead of a coat depending on the weather. You can either buy a simple design or an extravagant one, depends on what you want and price.



Don’t forget to purchase a pair of winter boots. It is priority and key to keeping your feet warm and dry. Ideally a pair that has a high rubber sole and don’t get the ones that are made out entirely out of rubber.


Wool Gloves and Scarves

They provide warmth and take your outfit to the next level. Shopping on a budget is not an extreme sport you need to have a keen eye for what you buy. So my question to you is, “Are you ready for winter?”


Sikh Fashion for the cold seasons doesn’t have to settle down and hide! It’s an opportunity for Sikhs for show off such a rich style and ethnic vibe in the clothes we wear!



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