Have you ever tried to look modest and stand out from other men, and perhaps you have never succeeded? There is nothing wrong with finding the best ways to become the stylish man at your workplace or in the neighbourhood. But it takes a little more effort to look smarter and stylish. Sometimes it even calls for lifestyle changes. Adopt the following 10 habit if your goal is to become fashionable:

1. They Invest in Expensive Shoes

According to the latest lifestyle news today, the first things many people look at when they meet someone for the first time are the shoes. Even if you wear the best suit in an interview but put on a pair of scuffed-up trainer shoes, chances are that you won’t be hired. Wear a well polished pair of shoe and your chances of getting hired will be higher. An expensive pair of shoe can mask other faults on the way you clad.


2. They Take Good Care of Their Hair

This doesn’t mean you should frequently go for the hair cut several times a month. If you don’t like growing long hair, like most stylish men do, having it trimmed after every six weeks will prevent fluffiness around the edges which can spoil your overall appearance and scare that lady you have always wanted to take out for dinner on the first date. Also don’t forget to work on it every morning before you go to work!

3. They Exercise Regularly

No man will look fashionable if overweight or obese. Exercising regularly comes with plenty of healthy and beauty benefits. You don’t have to hit the gym all the time, but adopting a physical exercise routine will go a long way in keeping those extra pounds at bay. On top of working out, it is important to watch your weight loss diet plan.


4. They Invest in Quality Underwear

It’s worth investing on high quality underwear in order to feel confident all day. Putting underwear that is stained in sweat can make you nervous in your office or during a date out. You should treat your inner clothing the same way you do for the outer garments. In addition, throw away the old socks and underwear after every six months.


5. They Dress Elegantly

Changing clothes every day is one of the best ways to ensure that you look stylish. There are some men who hate changing clothes every day, and thus stand nowhere close to look stylish. How would it sound to report to work with a sweat-stained shirt and the same noticeable suit you wore yesterday? It can be an indication that you also don’t shower every day! Wear neatly ironed and clean clothes every morning to look neat.


6. They Know a Good Tailor

To look stylish, you need to know your sizing limitations. While models are only sample sizes, very few men can buy straight off the rack and walk out of a clothes store satisfied with their outfits. You should know a good tailor who can address issues like long sleeves on shirts or long legs on trousers. According to lifestyle news today, it’s very easy and affordable to get an alteration specialist to best match your newly bought clothes with your right size.


7. They Own Grooming Equipment

When it comes to facial grooming, you should have the right products such as face wash, moisturiser and exfoliating products in your laundry. This is important because you need to work on your face every morning after you wake up. If you prefer a shaven look for a stylish look, you should trim hair regrowth on a daily basis. For beard loving gents, trim your growth every week. Setting in advance and sticking to a grooming routine is one of the most important things to look stylish.

8. They Look Confident

You can’t be stylish if you can’t express confidence. You look unattractive if it appears like you are struggling too much and you are uncertain about yourself. To look elegant, you need to show an authentic expression for your personality and the real person you are.


9. Are Always in Self Check Mode

Keeping yourself in check is paramount to look stylish. Unzipped trousers, unbuttoned shirts can ruin your stylish look at your workplace or when in the company of your friends. Remember to neatly tuck in your shirts before getting out of the washroom.

10. They Dress For Weather

Embracing practical accessories in harsh weather conditions is a good habit for a stylish man. Irrespective of harsh winter conditions, avoid bright coloured wellingtons or rain coats but don the necessities, such as grabbing an umbrella if the weather deems it necessary.



There are plenty of ways to look stylish through your own unique ways. You don’t have to copy what celebs or others are doing to look elegant. Adopt these to habits of stylish men and you will never cease to look amazing! If you can search in the latest global internet magazines, you will notice that stylish men adopt certain routines in different aspects of their lives to remain elegant.