Gone are the days of uniforms, teacher’s pets and school lunches. Going to uni means embracing the freedom, making mates for life, and #adulting …sort of. You’re finally free to do whatever you want.

This season, school is everything but.

It’s bunking class in favour of shredding at the skate park with your mates. It’s cramming everything in your ruck sack because you don’t know where you’re staying tonight. It’s layering up to dress down. It’s joggers for a big night out or a long day’s recovery. It’s day glow hoodies that stand out as much as you do. It’s waking up with a sore head that can be covered with a cap.

It’s a black jacket that says you’re down for anything. It’s turning his hoodie into a dress because you secretly like it more. It’s marching to your own beat with oversized pockets and bold badging. It’s using your pencil case more for lip gloss than for anything else. It’s rocking joggers and a tee to the party and still being the hottest chick there. It’s making more than grades, it’s making memories.

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