Summer Fashion Tips – To Bin Or Not To Bin

Summer Fashion Tips – To Bin Or Not To Bin

Unless your wardrobe has the capacity of the tardis and is much bigger on the inside than outside, the time will rapidly arrive when some harsh decisions on content and style will have to be made. Stylists have to be ruthless in editing their styles with the precision of a surgeon and any fusionist worth their salt should have the courage to follow suit, so lets have a rummage together and see whets charitable donations or what is bin fodder.

To Bin Or Not To Bin

Try and be practical, I know its difficult if a couple of weeks wages had once been blown on the last season’s jacket, but if you are to breathe new life into your collection you must be ruthless in deciding what passes your quality control; if garments are damaged, faded or just plain ugly, don’t hesitate to get rid.

Menswear tends to be more on-trend for longer, if something looks good on you and you feel good wearing it, then it’s sensible to stick with the item and possibly purchase new items with the older style and colour wheel in mind. It’s far easier to bin less durable items such as badly faded logo T-shirts or split and tatty jeans the consolation being you will have more space in your wardrobe.

London Collections:men the models

The Big Store

Anyone who is still convinced the four seasons is anything more than a classical score is fooling himself or herself. The physical seasons these days are as changeable as well, the weather. You’ll find that some key items that definitely have the summer vibe will be better cleaned and stored away in unused suitcases till next year by which time you’ll have done yourself a favour by pre-packing all those favourite Ibiza shirts ready for their next mission.

Tailored items of good quality can be matched and worn year-round so for instance, bomber jackets and casual wear could easily find a home complimenting cargo pants or skinny jeans. Neutrals are always useful in the classic colours of navy, black, white or even Khaki so keep em’close to hand. Wardrobe classics such as sandals and Breton tops are almost immune to fashion changes and stockpiling them for when needed is a cost-saving idea for your mix and match department.

Luke evans

Luke Evans at Audi Polo Charity match

The Claim Game

Layering has always been a cost-effective method of freshening up a look. Spring and summer items such as T-shirts can evolve through both seasons to be successfully worn as base items as you replenish the new seasonal top layers, Chambray shirts are ideal for wearing with lighter jackets and lightweight overcoats or fleeces and can help hide a multitude of sins. Team both with long-sleeved T-shirts and you’re on to a casual style winner. Consider also the humble polo shirt, which can accompany cable knit cardigans, and jeans for the unpredictable devil may care look.

Oliver Cheshire

Oliver Cheshire – Uk model

Daddy More Bucks

Now that you have breathing space for that capsule collection after a ruthless sorting, buy wisely. Good quality shoes as previously discussed are a must that is a long term investment but let’s not forget the unpredictability of the seasons here so we need to talk decent hiking boots too and by rotating footwear you’ll give them some longevity when teaming them with jeans and chinos. Let’s face it the more footwear you own, the less chance of sweaty trainer syndrome.

Thinking big is this seasons overkill with oversized items a must for any stylish wardrobe; think large chunky sweaters and muted colour and neutral overcoats the size of the Ritz. Remember: jettison and be damned.

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