Jeans for Men – Are You Wearing The Right Pair?

Jeans for Men – Are You Wearing The Right Pair?

One this for sure, when styling men, is that jeans are one of the most powerful pieces of clothing they will ever own. Being so versatile means they are able to be worn around the house, in the workplace, on a date, or just on a casual outing. However, there is a big problem I consistently encounter; men who wear ill-fittingly large jeans. They are always telling me that being comfortable in your jeans is the most important thing, which I agree is true. However, it is possible to find a well-fitting comfortable pair of jeans, that looks good. It is a good idea to buy your jeans in relation to what you are – or are going to be – physically doing throughout the day. I call this the ‘day jeans’ versus ‘evening jeans’ dilemma. In order to choose your jeans, you need to get your mindset right, closely followed by setting your budget. But understand one thing, choosing the perfect pair of denim trousers for you, is going to take a while. Just take stock of the situation and remember that it will all be worth it. Look here if you are after a stylish assortment of multi-brand jeans for men.

Choose Your Label Well

One powerful piece of advice that I have been following for years;  is to find out what label is good for your body type. My labels are Diesel and MET, no matter what the style of the jeans is, these two labels always look great on me.

I would suggest that you start at G-star Raw, the service you get in their stores is great and they can help you figure out what style and jean type work for your body. Trying on lots of jeans and asking people to tell you straight, whether it looks good or not, is key to finding the right pair. Yes, it can be tedious but making sure you try on as many jean styles as possible can save you a lot of time and stress later on.

Make sure the legs, crotch and waist areas are not too tight when you try on your pair of jeans. Don’t forget to look at your butt and see what the jeans are doing from behind. Some women enjoy checking out good buttocks, so in case some of you are looking to impress someone special, jeans going up your butt crack is never a good look.

G-Star RAW JEANS - Straight fit pant jeans

G-Star – RAW

G star raw gifts for men

G-Star gifts for men

Slim, slim/straight, straight, relaxed, relaxed/straight, classic, standard! The choices can seem endless – and endlessly confusing. But,  start by trying a few pairs on and seeing what styles you like the look of, then assess the comfort and the way you think they look on you – after this, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion.

Day Jeans

When trying on your jeans walk around in them for a little while, being sure to check the pocket space and your level of comfort when sitting down! Bending over whilst trying them on is important to remember because some jeans tend not to accommodate a bending behind. Can they handle your keys, wallet and phone?  Do they feel itchy or too warm for certain seasons? Are you able to move around comfortably? Trying them on with a belt is a good idea because it a) shows you a different look the jeans can take on and b) can reveal whether it is in fact comfortable to wear a belt with them. If your belt does not work then, depending on the stylishness of the jeans, it may be time to buy a new belt!

Armani - comfortable jeans for men

Evening Jeans

This, gentlemen, is where all ‘comfortable rules’ should go straight out the window! Skinny jeans, slim jeans, dressy jeans or waxed-look jeans are all perfect for evening wear. When you go out your jeans should reveal and showcase a more sophisticated side of you. Black or a very dark denim is always a winner for evening wear because it tends to look far smarter than blue – which in general can be a more casual colour. And don’t fear the gloss-coat when it comes to jeans! It can add a more youthful, fun feel to a regular pair of trousers. If you dare, burgundy jeans look great for evening wear too – they’ll give an edgier feel to your look.

Zara Waxed Jeans for men

Zara men 2012 waxed jeans

Zara men - Stretch Skinny Jeans, Burgundy

Zara men, Stretch skinny jeans Burgundy

pepe jeans for men 2013

Pepe jeans London, men dark denim

Do Jeans Really Shrink These Days?

Many a people, advise that you wash your jeans before hemming them – because it apparently puts them through an initial shrink and leaves you with less jean material to actually hem. But, unless you put them in a tumble-dryer, they shouldn’t shrink. I can confidently assure you that my jeans do not shrink. It’s only when I put on weight that I feel the jeans are messing about with my waist-line. Some jeans can tighten up slightly but jean material is prone to stretching – so don’t fret too much if you pull them out of the dryer and they’re a little tighter than they were the day before.

printed vintage style jeans

Zara is also a good starting point if you’re looking to try on the latest trends. Rolling the bottom of your jeans up is a stylish way to overcome the long-leg problemo.

Diesel men - seasonal colours for men

Diesel seasonal colours

Wash the Jeans with Jeans

I wash my jeans, inside out with similarly coloured pieces and only with a denim material.  This is the best possible way to maintain their colour and overall look.

Zara men - Studded jeans

Studded jeans are a statement piece, especially if you ride a motorbike.

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