Summer Closet – 5 Must Have Items

Summer Closet – 5 Must Have Items

Have you planned for your summer closet? Do you think it’s too girly to talk about wardrobe and closet as a man? If yes, you better not be a stereotype now. With much choices in fashion around the world, it becomes imperative for even men to join the bandwagon of setting up a smart wardrobe. In this article, I will give you some quick tips about managing your closet with must-haves of summer. Keep in mind that summer is an exotic season of the year, you cannot just rely on the old pair of jeans and trousers that you wore last season. Fashion keeps on changing every day so it is better that you keep up with the latest trends.


Keep in mind that summer season is going to take a big toll on your entire routine. So you better wear something easy for the body and also makes a great fashion statement. Try incorporating light-colored t-shirts in your closet this summer. Dark colors will get you in big trouble because they are good absorbers of heat. So if you think of going out in a black t-shirt, you’ll surely get grilled in the scorching heat of the sun. You can get bulk order t shirts from an online platform that you trust.

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Pair of jeans

Don’t be a cheapskate by having single jeans for the entire summer season. The best thing about jeans is that it can be paired with shirts, t-shirts and any color that you want to wear. You must have a pair of jeans in your closet so that there is always an extra piece in the house in case one of an emergency. Go for a dark blue color in this summer because it looks cool and can be worn with any other color. However, if you want to go neutral, the best thing is to have black colored jeans in your closet.



Do you like wearing bandanas around your neck? If yes, you must buy some for this summer season. The intriguing thing about bandanas is that they can be worn as a fashion accessory too. If you intend to travel during the summer season, you must have a pair of bandanas in your travel bag. They can be used to wipe sweat. Traditionally bandanas would be sold in simple colors, but now with massive changes in fashion, you can even get designer bandanas from the market.


Do you feel like hitting the gym or the beach in something cool and trendy? Head over to the market to buy fashionable shorts for summer. Keep in mind that shorts can be worn for casual hangouts and can always be worn to the gym and beach. Summers are very exotic, which is why people like to wear minimal clothing and make themselves comfortable.

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Dress Shirts

You cannot overlook dress shirts when it comes to setting up the closet for summers. Dress shirts are full sleeves shirts that are worn both in summer and winter. However, you need to be a little mindful here because the scorching heat of the sun will make you sweaty when you go out. Try to choose ones that have a light color and always wear cotton in summer. Refrain from buying shirts that have been made out of the thick texture.

Summer menstylefashion 2019 swimwear clothing (2)


Set your closet in chronological order and always balance out things. You must have a disciplined closet because untidy closets are never attractive. Protection Status

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