Valentine’s Day Style – Dress the Part

Valentine’s Day Style – Dress the Part

Valentine’s Day Style: Dress the Part

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that means you’ll soon be expected to don your most attractive attire and head out for a romantic night with your special someone. If you’re not exactly a modern Don Juan, you can still plan a successful Valentine’s Day date. All you need is a little advice, a push in the right direction, and you’ll be sure to have a date that’s enjoyable for both you and your significant other. Let’s take a look at how you can dress to impress for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

To Spritz or Not to Spritz? The Fragrance Question

There is a continuous debate that has been raging for decades, should men wear cologne when they head out on a date? While there are certainly strong supporters and detractors on either side of the question, we advocate that on special occasions like a Valentine’s Day date, it’s okay and encouraged to go the extra mile to pleasantly surprise your date. The operative word here is “surprise.” You don’t want your use of a scent to be overwhelming and it should really only be noticeable when someone is inches away. That mean’s one spritz at the neck and nothing more. Anything else and you risk smelling like the fragrance department at Macy’s. And really, that’s not going to get you any points. Business Insider has some extra tips if you need further guidance on the matter.

Plan Ahead: Wear Underwear That Won’t Embarrass

When you’re planning your date, you should think about the entire night, and not just about securing your dinner reservation. If you think you’re going to have a long night, you want to make sure that you’re picking out some underwear that won’t embarrass you. It’s time to ditch the ratty boxer shorts with the rip. Go for a pair like VK Nagrani men’s designer underwear. They have interesting styles that will be a welcome surprise for your date should things go well over dinner. Everybody wins when you put some thought into your underwear. It’s just a fact of life.

Go for Lux Materials: Suave Costs Money

No matter what the level of formality is on your date, you want to make sure that you’re wearing nice materials. After all, Valentine’s Day is all about feeling sexy, and you’re not going to accomplish that wearing rough wool. Going for luxury materials like Pima cotton and silk is going to look better, and feel better to the touch, so you can exude the confidence and appeal that you want to be channeling for the romantic holiday. It’s ok to spend a little extra on your attire for Valentine’s, it is a holiday.

Hit Up Your Tailor, Trust Us On This

If you’re planning on wearing a suit, you should plan ahead so you have enough time to visit your tailor before the big day. Given its timing right after the holidays, you might not be as svelte as you thought you were. Taking the time to visit a tailor and make sure that your suit fits properly can help you to look sharp on Valentine’s Day. Don’t have a favorite tailor?

This Valentine’s Day, you can make sure that you wow your date by dressing for the occasion and looking your best. All it takes is a little cologne, a good pair of underwear, a well-tailored suit, and high quality materials and you’ll be set up for perfect night.


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