Makeup For Men – Why Do Men Need To Wear It

Makeup For Men – Why Do Men Need To Wear It

– Man Up. The status quo changed.

Men across the globe have been using facial products to keep them looking clean, fresh, and presentable. From news anchors to celebrities, the reach of male cosmetics has now penetrated mainstream society. How did this happen some ask? It’s a simple reason really – Men, at any age, want to look good.

The need to embrace such products came to Man Up’s founder, Andrew, on the night of his high school prom. He says, “I had acne across my face and didn’t know what to do”. Like any son he consulted his mother who eventually attacked his face with her products. Though it was an intimidating experience when he was ready Andrew was shocked at how good he really looked. He searched for male products and found sub-par alternatives. Andrew vowed to create a product line specifically for men and a few months later Man Up was born.

Male And Female Cosmetics Are Different

Male and female cosmetics are different. In some eyes makeup is a product for women, inclusive of colored lipsticks, eye shadows and items that give pops of color. The male products sold at Man Up are different. Not only are they strictly for men, they are undetectable – The Man Up Team sees the practicality of such products. Have a shiny forehead? Man Up’s No-Shine eliminates excess oils and gives a man a matte polished look. Andrew also says, “Your neighbor who has a job interview this month might steal his partners concealer to hide a blemish from a potential employer. Our mission at Man Up is to put your best face forward.”

Man Up, is an online skincare and cosmetics company dedicated to making men look and feel their best. Retailing natural and organic skincare products, pure oil fragrances and cosmetics engineered by Mother Nature and produced in laboratories across Germany, Canada and the USA, it’s safe to say the Man Up line of skincare products and cosmetics is for REAL men.

If you can handle a Jackhammer Cleanser, don’t mind blowing up a bit of dirt and grime with a Dynamite Detox Scrub and wanna pack on the Eye Grenade for good measure, it’s time to unleash your natural superpowers and Man Up.


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