Buying gifts can sometimes become a stressful task. Even if it’s for a loved one, all sorts of questions come into your mind: will it be what they desire, will it suit them perfectly, and so on. Or maybe you have an idea in your mind, but it isn’t easy to find that particular item. In this case, it isn’t uncommon to become stressed.

It isn’t a secret that giving presents can come with added pressure, no matter if you are a man or a woman. Whether it is for holidays, birthdays, or celebrating an anniversary, you get easily stuck on finding a thoughtful gift. Not to mention, if you have a demanding job, it can be even more challenging to find the time for searching and buying something special. However, research has shown that men have a more difficult time shopping for their female partner or friend.

The secret is not overcomplicating yourself, as sometimes the best option is right in front of you. Although, that is easier said than done. So, to give you a helping hand, we have compiled a list of thoughtful gift ideas.

1. Customization

When you are looking for a gift for someone you know well, you can hardly go wrong with something personalized. It shows that you have made an effort to give your loved one a specific object tailored to their preferences.

For instance, if your girlfriend has a demanding job with a lot of responsibilities, a notebook planner is something she probably uses a lot to keep her work highly organized. So, you could offer her a new organizer, customized with her name’s initial and even a short message. You can opt for a leather notebook as it looks classy and is suitable for a professional environment.

There are many gifts that can be personalized, so you don’t have to feel like there is just one right way of doing this. If a planner is not something that works for your partner, there are other choices. For example, a customized necklace, or perhaps a wallet, can make a tremendous difference. If you feel like doing something more specific, there are footwear brands that have personalization services. If her style is more casual, you can order a pair of sneakers with a unique model.

2. Accessories

Some accessories or pieces of jewellery are guaranteed to be fantastic gifts while still remaining incredibly functional. You cannot really go wrong with these kinds of gifts, as they are useful yet impactful and can be used to complement an outfit. So, offering your girlfriend a statement piece that she can use to accessorize her office attire or casual ensemble is guaranteed to be a big plus.

Engagement Ring

If you are ready to advance your relationship, for a truly romantic gesture, lab-grown diamonds on an engagement ring are the perfect gift to show your girlfriend how much you care. It will be a beautiful keepsake that she will cherish forever, and every time she looks at it, she’ll be reminded of your love for her.

engagement tradition


An example of such a piece is wristwatches – they never go out of style, regardless of the newest trends. Their timeless character gives the wearer the chance to use it for an extended period of time without ever feeling like it’s not still fashionable. Depending on your partner’s preferences, you could buy a dress watch with a classy leather band which works well in a formal environment and with an office look. If she has a more sophisticated style and is not as minimal, you could opt for a rose gold band.

Gucci Grip three-window gold PVD watch

Gucci Grip three-window gold PVD watch


Another type of accessory which is both functional and chic and that most women are using is sunglasses. They come in many different styles, and, as she probably already has a favourite type, you can easily find something of her liking. Chances are sales assistants are well-equipped in guiding you towards the perfect pair. Apart from sunglasses, don’t shy away from buying a stylish pair of eyeglasses if your partner must wear them. If her work requires her to use a computer for hours every day, then you can consider buying a pair of computer glasses for women. They can be incredibly fashionable and, just because she needs them for eye protection, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be a statement piece.

BOTTEGA VENETA mask acetate sunglasses

BOTTEGA VENETA mask acetate sunglasses

3. Gift cards

Another idea of a relatively easy present yet incredibly thoughtful, especially if you don’t have enough time to go shopping, is offering a gift card. You might think a gift card is an impersonal thing to offer someone, especially a person close to you, as it is used to be considered a last-minute option. However, there is such a broad selection of gift cards nowadays. From clothes shopping to experiences, this has become an amazing way to show your loved ones that you are thoughtful and want to offer them something they will be happy to use.

If your female partner has an affinity towards shopping, a gift card to her favourite fashion brand will make her happy. She probably already has a wish list of items she was planning on getting, so this gives her the opportunity of finally getting them. On the other hand, perhaps you want to offer her an experience. If she is working full time, chances are the job can sometimes be stressful. So, a gift card for a spa treatment with an all-inclusive pack of services can be just what she needs. And it sure shows the thought you have put into this gift.

gift cards

4. Gadgets

With technology being so highly innovative, gadgets are a creative gift idea. For instance, if your girlfriend has recently become passionate about sports and exercise, you could offer her a Fit-bit watch so she can track her activity. If that is not something that suits her, a pair of wireless headphones are not just useful, but they can be stylish as they come in many colours.

If she travels a lot with work or she is commuting, headphones are a much-needed item. Last but not least, you can consider a vanity mirror with Bluetooth speakers. This way, while she does her make-up, she can listen to music or speak on the phone.

Hollywood Premiere Plus Vanity Mirror With Bluetooth Speakers

Hollywood Premiere Plus Vanity Mirror With Bluetooth Speakers