Swiss Watches- Timeless Classic Timepiece With A Modern Touch

Swiss Watches- Timeless Classic Timepiece With A Modern Touch

One of the famous exports of Switzerland, apart from chocolates and cheese, swiss watches are the major exports across the world where 95% of them are exported to the jewelers. People love them because of its iconic designs, timeless classic, impeccable craftsmanship where all details are covered carefully. This is now a major part of both men and women’s fashion. These watches are good for both to enhance your style and also for practical reasons. Some people even have a collection of these watches. They are considered a great investment and suit every style. Some even pass them to Generations to generations as it never goes off from fashion.

Whatever the reason is, buying one for your friend, love or even family member is a good investment. However, don’t take the purchase lightly because it comes with a high price tag due to the high level of quality it has. Making your mind on the watch is not as easy as dozens of brands with stylish Swiss watches will make you go confused and overwhelmed at first. How to make a selection? Refer our guide to have a beautiful timepiece at your wardrobe which you can adore for years.


Why a Swiss watch?

The beautiful and classic watches that we wear were first begun to make in Switzerland in the 16th century. Since then, Swiss holds an underlying reputation and heritage to make the finest watches with a high level of quality in the world. Watchmaking is embedded deep into their culture and it is a part of their history. They are thus different from the other makers of the world.

Watchmaking is not a process of perfect mechanical craft for Swiss as with every watch they reflect an individual’s expression in a model. Such individuality is not seen in other watches. Moreover, the assembly of more than one hundred parts that create intricate mechanical movements is done manually. This shows excellent and dedicated craftsmanship of Swiss watchmakers. The price goes high as different alloys, jewels, and carbon fiber goes into a watch to make it a classic timepiece.

More exotic the material is, more expensive a watch becomes. And, no matter how advanced today’s watches have become, they are no match to the Swiss watches.


How to buy a Swiss watch?

You can prefer a watch that has Swiss parts which are manufactured in Switzerland but the watch is assembled outside the country. A watch with a Swiss movement will cost you less. But, if you want to get a timepiece that has both Swiss parts and constructed in Switzerland than check for the label “Swiss watch”. You will not find the same label on other watches having only Swiss parts.

This was the basis that you should always note down before looking for other aspects of the watch. Now, let us move on to the other aspects.

A Swiss watch is more than just a watch. It is a representation of success, a statement piece and reflects an individual status. Every watch has a purpose and therefore a buyer should consider his/her lifestyle before buying a watch. The perfect piece should fit your taste. So, think of:

  • The power reserve
  • The dial design
  • The case material
  • The case size
  • The movement type
  • The water-resistant quality

Watches are like an exotic car or items that you take everywhere you go, it truly displays a wearer character. Therefore, it should have iconic designs of past and matches with today’s technological demand.

Four key areas to address

Craftsmanship- the craftsmanship level determines the needs of a buyer. Swiss watches are available from basic to a more extreme range corresponding to the price tags. A basic watch will cost you a few hundreds of dollars whereas price increases when you move on to the higher ranges.

Tradition- most of the watches have traditional designs of the 18th century. However, every brand has a specific design language of its own. So, look for the right brand to get the desired look.

Technology- a host of advancements have been done to the watches to match the present needs and style of a wearer. Technologies like chronographs, world timers, tourbillions, and special indicators are some advancement made to the watches. This has, however, raised the price so determine what feature you need as it is going to affect your budget.

Innovation- innovation is seen in every brand of Swiss watch which beautifully embeds the tradition and core values as well. Moreover, innovation for the watchmakers is more than connecting it to your device rather it includes the use of advanced manufacturing methods, composite materials and latest alloys to the watch.

So, focus on these four key areas to find your ideal watch.

How to take care of your Swiss timepiece?

It is very essential to take good care of these timepieces because of their precision nature. They need regular servicing to perform well for years whilst maintaining value and appearance for long. Buy a watch from the retailer who provides complete servicing of the watch. Avoid the use of chemicals, clean the watch after swimming, and don’t wear a watch when you are enjoying hot baths or saunas. Take it to a local sales associate if you want to know more about the care tips for your timepiece.

Style a Swiss watch this way

Swiss watches go with all ranges of clothing. A formal watch is good for those who often go out in a public. A classic watch is designed for those who have multiple duties. A bulkier timepiece is good for an active man like a sports guy.

There are no limitations to style it with different outfits. Every timepiece of swiss watch compliments well with outfits that suit for an occasion.

You can have Swiss watches for play, work, and formal duties. You can also go for options like a watch with rubber, steel, leather, and NATO strap.

Define the budget

At the first time, buyers should keep the budget between $3000-5000. It may vary depending upon your financial situations and style.

Money can buy everything but the essence of Swiss watches is priceless. Watch making is art for Swiss watchmakers and every brand put continuous efforts to maintain this culture without letting the technology takeover it. So, every Swiss piece is unique and worthy. Protection Status

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