As the winter months close around us, the rain taps against our window like a notion we cannot shake and the wind whips at our bones, so our wardrobe thoughts turn to items we help to ward off the evils of winter and her ills. Large winter coats with their goose down padding and hoods will suddenly appear on door hooks, trainers will be replaced with thick-soled boots, hats and chunky knit scarves will be pulled from the bottom of neglected drawers and you definitely won’t be going anywhere without a trusted sweater.

But while you are in the midst of preparing your new season’s wardrobe, spare a thought for the t-shirt and the power it still holds, even if the mercury is falling faster than a boulder from a cliff face.

The doctor t-shirt is still an essential item no matter the climes. Under the sweater or a coat, whenever we head out for a casual social occasion i.e a drink with friends (something us Brits do with aplomb), the t-shirt is still the go-to item in helping us stand out from the crowd.

Pop into a shop or browse a web site during the summer months and I can guarantee you will not see a thick woollen sweater or large coat for love nor money – the same can be said for shorts or linen shirts in the winter months – but take a look at the rails of your local boutique or scrolling down a web page and you will still see a plethora of t-shirts no matter the season.

As with the summer months, this season sees the graphic tee retain its place as one of the go-to pieces in our wardrobes. From floral and animal prints (both of which have really become a mainstay of the print t-shirt) to urban and landscape imagery, the bold print t-shirt is very much an essential part of the winter wardrobe come rain or shine.

Intro Clothing aren’t afraid to mix it up when it comes to the graphic tee. With a wide range of brands and a great variety of prints.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best:


Peak - T-Shirt - Multi Colour Print




Topman always knows how to do print t-shirts and this season proves no exception. Team with a large oversize coat, bomber jacket or puffa for the look of the moment.

TOPMAN - T-Shirts

TOPMAN - Floral T-Shirts For Men

TOPMAN - Green T-Shirts

All Saints

Back when everyone was playing it safe with t-shirts, All Saints were carving out a place in the market for everyone else to follow suit. Still at the forefront of the print t-shirt genre, if you love your washed-out blacks and dirty, rock’n’roll whites, you simply cannot go wrong with what they have to offer.

All Saints - T Shirts

All Saints - T Shirts

All Saints - T Shirts

All Saints - T Shirts