I will be brutally honest here, the last thing I want a man wearing outside the gym is a tracksuit. But in walking into Gucci recently I had to stop, drop and take a look at what I can only describe as ditch the gym and head to a bar and sport some of my top luxury tracksuit picks.


Gucci for me had lost their way for quiet sometime regarding the brand. Luxury brands tend to do this due to their history and think they can sustain and survive on that alone. But in a saturated market where fashion can belong to anyone these days. It is wonderful to see it return in such a flamboyant way. In 2017, the men’s market has been around long enough for luxury brands to set the tone and inspire men to sport a new trend. After all if the Italian’s can’t do it, then who can?


If red, caps and bomber jackets is your thing. Well Fendi certainly sets the hot and passionate colour tone here. Layering different tones of red is once again for guys who are not afraid of their own skin let alone being outrageous when it comes to the colour red. Caps are returning with a twist of two toned colours and makes perfect sense throughout the summer and festive season.


The bomber jacket is a dominate style and will remain to trend for 2017. It is a versatile jacket that can be worn throughout any season. For luxury travel I find it fun, practical an item in where you can dress up, dress down and where it all year round. Team it with a scarf, some eyewear and your ready to jetset to the bar.


Holding onto their stripe iconic signature style. Good to see Bally, trending sport style stronger than ever. The subtle strips with safe colours such as grey, white and black. Is why Bally tracksuit is perfect for the gym or whilst flying. The hoodie affect has always been popular for men and therefore this safe style is a perfect excuse of sporting a casual trend for practical day use only. Team it with a luxury leather backpack and you’re sorted.

Louis Vuitton

If showing off, drawing attention to oneself is the mission then LV is it. Floral bomber jackets are here to stay and I must say when travelling seeing men sporting this trend. Gives me and anyone observing, a real good feel fashion  factor.  Teaming it with chinos, denim jeans, or smart causal shorts is always going to be a winner. Or if you want to play it safe opt for a floral shirt instead, worn with a beige jacket over the top.

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