T-Shirts – 6 Examples of Getting it Wrong

T-Shirts – 6 Examples of Getting it Wrong

T-shirts are the most worn item in a male fashion wardrobe. There are literally hundreds of thousands of different designs to choose from. In this article, I talk about the 6 very dated, uncool and non-stylish T-shirts you could wear.

Check out our top 6 we have selected for you.

Nr 6 – Stag T-Shirt

What do you want to show off here? I have been stupid, drinking too much and being a bad boy for a weekend. After your stag weekend please ditch this t-shirt and never buy another one again.

Stag Night T-Shirt

Nr 5 – I Love Country X or City X

You have been to New York and you fell in love with the place. Great but get yourself a designer T-shirt to show. So when they ask where did you buy it from? You can tell them personally.

I Love T-Shirt

Nr 4 Bintang Beer Singlet

You have been to Bali one of the most gorgeous islands of the world and all you can buy is this Bintang Beer singlet.

Bintang Beer T-Shirt

Nr 3 – Lousy T-Shirt

Lousy T-Shirt = Lousy Fashion = No Imagination

Lousy T-Shirt

Nr 2 – I think he is Gay T-Shirt

Who wears this T-Shirt? And what message are you trying to convey? I am straight and the guy to the right is gay? Who cares really?

I think he is Gay T-Shirt

Nr 1 – Sex T-shirts

This is clearly showing you have no class or style towards anyone.

Wrong t-shirt - Sex Instructor

If you have any more examples please feel free to attach an image through the commenting system below this article.

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