‘Creativity is the greatest expression of liberty’, RETROUSSE. Hence these t-shirts are made with a purpose in mind. When you buy a limited edition T-shirt you are supporting a very powerful cause. 20% of all profits will go directly to BEAT to help raise awareness for anorexia and eating disorders. Interesting that they have called it this. From my own interaction with people that have struggled with this. It certainly gives you butterflies for all the distressing reasons. It’s not commonly known or should I say made aware, but men to struggle with eating disorders. I LOVE MY FOOD AND CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND IT. FOR ME IT’S ABOUT HAVING COMPASSION FOR THAT PERSON.

BEAT CHARITY - retrousse and eating disorder


Who are Butterflies & Retrousse

‘BUTTERFLIES’: a charity collaboration between Fine Artist Jonny Burt and contemporary fashion label RETROUSSE. Retrousse is an ethical, contemporary and unisex brand from London celebrating ambition, style and creativity in urban life. Retrousse aims to work with exciting, upcoming talent and gradually build a young, artistic community from a variety of fields.

Fine Artist Jonny Burt recently produced the original artwork, ‘Butterflies’, as part of a limited edition t-shirt collaboration with contemporary fashion label Retrousse in association with BEAT charity. 20% of all profits will go directly to BEAT to help raise awareness for anorexia and eating disorders.

Artist’s Concept Description

“In its essence, Butterflies juxtaposes the literal act of food consumption (or lack of it) so inextricably linked to eating disorders with the metaphorical consumption of images; illusions of beauty which are so incessantly fed by the media to impressionable young women. Perhaps a tragic parody of the saying that goes, ‘You are what you eat’, these women blindly distort themselves into the shape of what they are told to look like. The piece thus targets the terrifying delusional aspect of anorexia in the hope to disillusion young women that the preconceived ideals they believe they must subscribe to are in fact vacuous, manufactured lies sold to them by a monstrous media machine. The title encapsulates the crucial theme of appearance and reality: things which on the surface pose as gentle and inviting can carry within them much more sinister and harmful intentions.”

BEAT Chairty - Retrousse T-shirts 2013

Fine Artist Jonny Burt

BEAT Chairty - Retrousse T-shirts 2013

BEAT Chairty - Retrousse T-shirts 2013