Way back in 2014, my first interview was with Ricki Hall, a tattoo model obsessed with tattoo art all over his body. His inspiration was taken from David Beckham, who just loves to cover his whole body. In 2023, both men and women around the globe wear massive tattoo art all over their bodies. Here in Thailand, Koh Samui the culture is full body art from head to toe.

tattoo art for men

What Is Trending For Body Art?

Getting a massive tattoo is all about personal art. People will always gravitate to a story that their body is aching to be put on display. Today the more shock impact of display one wants for the public to see, is why now tattoo art is a billion-dollar industry. The skill of the painter is admirable for both courage and skill. Once this permanent display is on your body, there is no return. Make sure you look at the work of others, before going for such a massive display of body art.

tattoo art for men

Also, be prepared for enduring a lot of pain.

tattoo art for men

Be Medically Prepared

At this level, it is important you understand the aftercare that is involved when getting such a display of ink on your body. Make sure the tattoo artist is obsessed with hygienic tools. This is your body and if you get poisoned it will be the worse experience of your life. I am amazed how many tourists just decide on the spot to go for anyone regarding body art. Ask locals who they recommend and if you see other people getting a tattoo watch and stay until you see the work in progress. Don’t rush who you choose to be your Picasso on your body.

tattoo art for men tattoo art for men

Don’t Go Cheap

This is a big long-term choice you are making. Go to the best possible artists and pay them what they deserve. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time for preparation and also stay around for healing time on your body. It’s a big decision and many leave regretting it. Make sure if you are opting for words, you get the spelling right. There is nothing more humiliating than getting a misspelled word on your body, it’s there for life.

tattoo art for men


tattoo art for men

Do It For Yourself

Don’t do it for others. It is important that this is not a fashion trend. The tattoo obsession has gone mad and I can’t fathom why people will cover their bodies at the risk of lost opportunities in the workplace or even for horrible aftermaths. This is life and people want to make an impact regarding tattoo art on their bodies. Life is full of regret and I have met so many people who do regret getting tattoos on their bodies. But life is also about risk-taking. Hat’s off to those who do it as I am too afraid to go for it. Plus my spirit does not bode well for getting a tattoo on my body. It all comes down to personal choice. Enjoy the journey, and don’t do it when you are on drugs or drunk.

South East Asia, is full of body art and it is truly impressive to see. As you can see facial tattoo art is very popular. What face would you choose to put on your body and why?

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