There are some small corners of the earth that exist apart from all others. Monte Carlo is one of them. It’s a world within the wider world, with unique rules on everything from gambling to getting dressed in the morning.

Renowned for its luxury and decadence, Monte Carlo comes with an undeniable dress code – one visitors are expected to understand before they walk through the gold-plated entrances of its opulent hotels and apartments.

To acknowledge ignorance of this fact is tantamount to treason, for, in Monte Carlo, every high-rolling individual embraces the municipality’s many sartorial rules and strict sense of etiquette.

To educate the uninitiated, here’s our 21st-century gentleman’s guide to gaming in Monte Carlo: what to wear, how to behave, and – most importantly – how to have a good time.

What to Wear

what to wear monte carlo

Monte Carlo is known for its sartorial elegance and strict dress code. While its casinos have no official rules on how to attire oneself, according to, visitors are expected to look smart – if you wouldn’t wear it in the board room or to a fancy restaurant, you’re definitely underdressed.

There are certain items of clothing that will see you barred from entering at all. These include shorts, sports shoes, and flips flops. While most other attire won’t prevent you from passing into a Monte Carlo casino, it’s easy to feel underdressed and out of place.

For this reason, we recommend a shirt, smart trousers, and ideally a dinner jacket. A pair of polished leather shoes, smart cufflinks, and a statement watch will not go amiss either. In Monte Carlo, you should very much dress to impress.

Where to Go

Monte Carlo has a number of casinos to pick between, but there are two in particular that are famed the world over. These are the iconic Monte Carlo Casino and the Casino Café de Paris. The former is intrinsically linked to the history of the principality, having been established in 1863 by the ruling royal family.

It’s nigh-on impossible to visit either of these venues without enjoying yourself immensely, but the experience is made all the better by having a legitimate appreciation of the gold standard for casinos. This gives you the perfect excuse to enjoy some gaming in advance.

For those who don’t want to wait, there are two options open to you, both equally enjoyable: either visit your local land-based casino or head online.  If you opt for the latter, there are several helpful internet directory sites to point individuals in the right direction.

Casumo Casino is only one example, but you can see that has reviewed it and given it 4.6 out of five stars, describing it as “an excellent online gambling site”.  You’ll find many more options onsite that have also been fully vetted and come highly recommended.

What to Eat

What to eat monte carlo

Once you understand how to dress and what and how to play, there’s only one thing remaining for you to learn: where a self-respecting Monte Carlo gentleman should eat after an evening of gaming.

According to, the answer is simple (if predictable) – you can never go wrong with one of the multitudes of top-tier French restaurants found in Monte Carlo. Le Louis XV and Le Vistamar are especially popular, but there are hundreds of high-brow bars and eateries for you to peruse and patronize in the hunt for the best.

Now you’re fully prepared, isn’t it time you booked your dream holiday to Monte Carlo, the marble-clad city of dice, drinks, and every other delight you can imagine?