Online slots are the most popular casino game, both land-based and on the internet.

When the first online casinos began to invade the internet, providers immediately faced the main problem: to make money, they had to make players spend money. But how could a roulette and slot machine enthusiast play for real money on a computer?

Remember that we are talking about over 25 years ago when still few used credit cards and electronic wallets like PayPal or Skrill were not even in the dreams of their respective founders. The evolution has been quite rapid: while in 1996, there were only 15 paid online gaming sites, by 2017 they had already become 200. A 1998 report showed that online gambling had achieved a turnover of 834 Million dollars.

How to deposit at online casinos

But let’s go back to the bomb and try to understand which are the most used payment methods for depositing and withdrawing in online casinos, starting from the beginning. I’m talking about the deposit of course: how can you think of withdrawing real money winnings if you haven’t even started playing it?

First, how do you deposit at an online casino? Each game room has its own site, with its own layout, its own menu and its own procedures, but we can summarize the main steps in these few points:

  • Go to your gaming account
  • In the settings, look for the one for managing your account
  • You will find the option to deposit: click on it
  • You will be presented with various choices: click on the payment method you prefer
  • Complete the operation by entering the amount you want to deposit, respecting the limits set by the operator
  • Wait for the deposit confirmation email

Credit card or debit card

Credit cards and debit cards are universally accepted payment methods by online casinos. The difference is that the first is not linked to a bank or postal account and the debit takes place only after the transaction, while the second is necessarily linked to an account and the money is withdrawn directly from there. Credit or debit cards accepted by practically 100% of online casinos are part of these circuits:



Visa Electron

American Express


In most online casino the slots often give the possibility of getting your hands on big jackpot,  it is always recommendable to check the odds in terms of deposits and payout before you start any game and this information should be always updated. Also you may find interesting offers on the bingo rooms.

 More traditional bingo players  are not in a hurry to see the money deposited into their account also have the option of depositing using a bank transfer, however, currently one of the easiest ways is pay bingo with visa as a very flexible card and it is universally accepted by gambling operators. 

Online slots therefore combine fun with the high chances of winning, which even bingo and tombola can offer, together with colorful and different games.

Electronic wallet

The e-wallet is one of the most invoked payments in recent years, because it is a fast and secure method since personal data is not disclosed. Among other things, electronic wallets can also be linked to debit cards or bank or postal accounts, acting as intermediaries.

Do you want to know the most used electronic wallets?


Skrill (formerly Moneybookers)



Bank transfer or check

Let’s face it: who uses a bank transfer or check anymore to deposit at an online casino? Yet this payment method has remained, even though you will hardly see a virtual gambling hall delivering a check to your home to pay you your winnings!

At most a bank transfer, but considering that this withdrawal method can lead to waiting times of up to a week, much better to go to more modern options, don’t you think?

How to withdraw at online casinos

The reverse-path is that of withdrawal. If you want to withdraw money from your gaming account in the online casino, in reality, all you have to do is repeat the points of the previous paragraph, only in the third point instead of opting for the deposit options, you have to opt for the withdrawal options. Also in this case you will have to wait for the confirmation of the operation.

In some cases you will be asked for extra documents, as required by applicable law, to protect your account against fraud and identity theft.