Since legalization, the cannabis industry has been booming, and technology has introduced a lot of innovation into the industry. The stigma surrounding cannabis is starting to rapidly fade. As a result, more and more people are indulging both recreationally as well as medically. There are so many cannabis products available now including topicals, edibles, and tinctures, to name a few. There is certainly a product suitable for any type of person, as well as any type of need. If you are introverted, you know it can be challenging sometimes. This article will share some tips on how you can enjoy your experience with cannabis without compromising who you are as a naturally shy person.

Find a Comfortable Place to Sit

One of the most important considerations when consuming cannabis recreationally is your environment. You want to consume in an environment that positively supports your high. You also want an ambient atmosphere to enhance your experience. As an introverted person, you are used to spending much of your time at home in a comfortable and familiar environment. You want to channel as much of that comfort as you possibly can when consuming. One of the effects of cannabis is that your body becomes more relaxed, so you enter into a state of calmness. This type of experience requires seating that is soft rather than hard. If you want to sit indoors, consider a couch or a spot on the floor with cushions scattered on the floor.

Get Out Your Equipment and Make Sure Everything is Ready to Go

The next tip is to arrange and organise all of your cannabis consumption equipment that you will be using. As an introvert, you probably wouldn’t enjoy elaborate and complicated consumption devices such as a dab rig. On the other hand, devices that would be ideal are edibles, vaping, water pipes like these, or a bong if you want to add a bit of excitement to the consumption process. Edibles especially are such a relaxed consumption method that is also very discreet and convenient to consume. You can even munch on a brownie while in bed and then wait for the effects to kick in while you are tucked comfortably underneath your blankets. Another good option is a disposable vape pen since you don’t need to clear up the mess afterwards, the taste is mild and it’s a very calming way to consume.

Get Some Snacks

Munchies are synonymous with cannabis consumption, and they are mandatory for the full experience. Once you have chosen the location you will be consuming in, you should prepare some snacks, drinks, and a playlist filled with your favourite chilled songs. A great snack idea is some fruits. In fact, it is believed by stoners that eating mango after consuming can actually increase your high. Snacks, drinks, and music in a comfortable environment is very intimate and this is perfect for an introvert. Another important contribution to your atmosphere is good lighting. Lighting really sets the mood. And when you are under the influence, you want soft and warm lighting as opposed to bright, harsh lighting. Dim lighting will help you relax and get in the mood. Avoid the main light source in the room and opt for a lamp, candles, LED Lights, or fairy lights instead.

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy Yourself

All that’s left for you to do now is just sit back, relax, and enjoy your experience. Keep in mind though that cannabis is known to make some users antisocial, so as an introvert who is naturally antisocial in social settings, you should be warned that if you have someone else in the room with you while you are consuming, you will retreat into yourself. However, this should not worry you because cannabis will make you more at ease with your introverted nature. Cannabis will enhance your enjoyment of solitude because you will have an opportunity to be with your own thoughts without any fear of rejection. If you want to add more to your experience, you can put on a movie, series, or documentary which will be 100% more interesting under the influence of cannabis.

So, there you have it. As an introvert, you will probably enjoy consuming weed alone rather than in a social environment. When you do decide to consume, ensure that you have designated undisturbed time.