Your entertainment display unit will significantly affect your experience of your man cave. That’s why you need to be very careful when choosing a TV for all your gaming, movie-watching, and video-streaming needs.

You need to ensure that you have a wall-mount for your flat screen TV. Shelves and tables are things from the past. You want to be futuristic with your flat-screen TV and install it on your wall to save floor space as well.

On the other hand, if you don’t know what type of flat-screen TV is the best for your man cave, we’ll show you how to navigate that road.

Display Technology

Perhaps the most important thing you need to consider is the display technology of your flat-screen TV. It significantly affects the brightness, contrast ratio, size, and durability of the TV screen. Below are the latest options you have.


QLED or quantum light-emitting diode is the latest display technology for flat-screen TVs. This type of display uses nanoparticles all over the entire LCD. The nanoparticles allow for more vivid colours and improved brightness.

QLEDs also tend to last longer than other display technologies because of their resistance to burn-ins. With their durability, QLEDs can have larger screens than your average TV. The best part is that they’re quite affordable.


OLED is short for organic light-emitting diode. You might have noticed that it has the word “organic” in its name. That’s because it uses a compound, usually, polymers, which then reacts to electricity using two electrodes between each compound.

This allows OLEDs to display deeper blacks and a better contrast ratio between different colours. One thing worth noting is that OLEDs can reach refresh rates of up to 100,000 Hz. The organic compound also reduces the need for backlighting, reducing your TV’s energy consumption.


LCD stands for liquid crystal display, and it’s still the most common type of display technology you’ll find in the market despite being around since the 1960s. The pixels in the display contain multiple liquid crystal molecules, which then react to electricity by rotating to a certain degree according to the voltage it receives.

LCDs are also famous for smartphones and smartwatches. That’s because this type of screen also tends to have higher resolution capabilities.

On the other hand, LED TVs are pretty much the same as LCDs, with the only difference being that the former has light-emitting diodes for backlighting while the latter doesn’t.


The next thing you want to consider is the screen’s resolution, which indicates how many pixels are embedded on the screen. The more pixels you have on your TV, the more details you will get on the display. The best options you have are listed below.


A 1080p resolution is perhaps the most decent display you could get from your TV for a reasonable price. The average cost of a 1080p flat-screen TV is around $200, which is relatively cheap considering you’d probably use it for almost a decade.


The next best option you have is a 4K resolution TV. If you’re not quite sold with 1080p, this one is almost four times as crisper and clearer. However, they are significantly more expensive, with prices around the $1,000 mark.


8K is currently the highest resolution you could get from any TV. It’s only just a few years old and is the latest option you have. However, 8K-resolution TVs cost quite a fortune, with the cheapest ones around $2,200 to $3,000.


Aside from the display specifications, you also want to pay attention to the added features your TV might have. This makes your experience of it relatively easier. Here are the latest technologies you may find in modern TVs.


The latest models of TVs now have smart technology that makes them almost like a cross-breed between a TV and a personal computer. They’re capable of accessing the internet and can even link to your smartphone for easier navigation.

Voice Activation

If you wish to go further and turn your man cave into a futuristic den, try voice-activated TVs. Some smart TVs can link to your Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. That means you can instruct them to shut down, turn on, switch the channel, or play a particular video on the internet just by using your voice.

Choose the Best Screen for Your Man Cave

Aside from interacting with friends and families, you can use your man cave for some quiet time alone and a quick escape from the exhausting tasks of your daily life. What better way to do all of this than to play video games or watch your favourite movies.

This is best enjoyed when you have a flat-screen TV capable of providing you with an immersive experience. Make sure that you know how to pick the best one by considering the factors we listed.